Thursday, July 5, 2007


here's my alison flynn scrapjack;

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i really like that the jack target made it so easy to create a really eye catching, simple lo that i totally love! i actually finished this one yesterday too, but the natural light was gone so it had to wait until today.

used my june soml kit today on a lo introducing my new little fur-niece to the world, i love it so far but i envision the use of one of my "hello my name is" nametag stickers and they are at home so it will have to wait until i get home from work.

it was really busy here today which made my day go by super quick, which is good since i am working the next 13 days straight and then leaving for cha.

speaking of which, every sneak peakie i see from the manufacturers is making me more and more excited about going! not to mention meeting some of my rad online scrappy friends irl!!!

alright, off i go to close up the store.


Barbara said...

Love the LO =) Im so freakin jealous about CHA I dont think I will ever get the chance to go to one... a girl can dream right!!! You better bring back awesome pics!!!

shelly b said...

so jealous that you're going to're gonna have so much fun!! And I love the LO!

Marie said...

another wonderful job! I need to use my kits again. I am so lazy lately!!! LUCKY u! I wish i was going to cha! Have lots of fun and take pics to show us all the cool stuffs!!

Michelle Sanders said...

Awhhhhh! How stinkin' cute?! Great jack!