Friday, August 17, 2007

candles and cupcakes

sitting here at work, counting the hours until i can leave early to head home, finish packing and then head up to the birthday crop at mlpa! 6 hours of cropping tonight, 12 saturday and 6 sunday! soooooo psyched to be scrapping with a big group of people and in such a rad enviornment! plus, saturday nicole, breanne and gigi are coming too! we can return to the scene of out meet-up crime and scrap our hearts out!

i wasn't sure what i wanted to work on so i just filled my crop in style xxl to the brim with all the awesome paper and fun embellie goodness that i've gotten recently but not been able to play with. it was my original intention to not bring any love, elsie because that's like all i have been scrapping with lately and it's becoming a problem, haha. "hi my name is morgan and i am roxie addict." haha. but, i caved and am bringing it all anyway. couldn't stop myself. can't wait to see what i end up doing, and i really can't wait to see the girls!


miss leslie tagged me so here goes, this should be funny.

what were you doing 10 years ago? hmm, i was 15 so i was probably hanging out non-stop with my closest friends since we all lived within like a mile of one another.

what were you doing 1 year ago? living in an awesome apartment 2 blocks away from rittenhouse square in philadelphia and probably not getting much sleep because of my roommates kitten.

5 snacks you enjoy: spinach dip, fat free pudding cups (i know it's weird), popcorn cakes (they are like crack), sunkist in a can and chex mix.

5 songs you know all the lyrics to: i'm pretty convinced that i can't learn a foreign language due to my entire memory being taken up with song lyrics i didn't even know i knew so i'll go with 5 randoms that are stuck in my head lately; "a praise chorus" by jimmy eat world, "spectacular views" by rilo kiley, "set yourself on fire" by stars, "us" by regina spektor and "girlfriend remix" avril lavigne with lil mama. (come on - "i deliver the lyrics that people focus on" how can you not laugh at that?)

5 Things you would do if you were a milionaire: pay off all my mom and my debts, buy my mom a little ranch house, move to the pacific northwest, start my own kit club/small online store and road trip/travel like crazy!

5 Bad Habits : biting at my lips, shutting down, bad budgeting, leaving lights on (i know it's horrible) and sleeping late

5 Things You Like To Do: scrap, dance 'til i'm a hot mess at hipster clubs (shameful, i know), get dressed up, read and discover new music.

5 Things You Will Never Wear Again: i'm with leslie on the jellies! also; pink work boots (i had a horrible macy's meets seattle grunge phase all through middle school), platform flip flops, scrunchies and purple glasses

5 Favorite Toys: dance dance revolution, suitcase record player, all my scrappy stuff, nintendo ds (need it!) and my camera

Where will you be in 10 years: ummm wow, umm.....? hopefully married, a kid or two would be nice. still scrapping, hopefully with a scrap career (kit club or store) loving life and maybe on the other coast? soooo hard to say!

k, i tag: heidi, nicole, kristi, dawn and martha. it's painless ladies! have fun!


Nicole Carro said...

Dude, your answers are tremendous! and too funny for words. See you tomorrow!

Heidi Joe said...

You're hilarious... I guess I'm tagged so I guess that means I gotta go do work.

Can't wait to see what you make th your crop, girl... yay!

shelly b said...

so jealous you got to hang and crop all day!! you know you can't resist the Love,Elsie...don't even try!

leslie said...

Scrunchies!! Forgot about those...