Wednesday, August 29, 2007

he's home!!!

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so, on a random night in late january my mom woke up because the house was cold and realized that we had forgotten to lock the front door and it had blown open in the middle of the night. our foster turned permenant kitty was missing! we posted signs, followed every tip, left food out, called him, crawled around bushes with flashlights and walked and drove around calling him for months. we hoped that maybe someone had just adopted him or he was living the kitty life with the strays who seek warmth in the storm drains in the winter, but we were starting to fear the worst.

then, monday i went to get the mail and there was a sign that said "small, young tabby cat with white feet and bib found. very friendly" i wasn't going to call since kitty isn't that young and he defenitly wasn't small, but i called anyway and went over. sure enough, it was kitty! he is a little smaller, and he is missing a little edge of one of his ears, but he is just as sweet and friendly as ever. he's settled right back into home life and his brother and sister are slowly getting used to having him around again.

it's so awesome that after 7 or 8 months, he showed up! we really want him to be able to tell use where he's been! haha.


Sara Berry said...

Yay for kitty coming home. That rocks Morgan!

Siany said...

Oh you must have been heartbroken when he left!! So Yay for getting him back!! xx

Anonymous said...

just had to share ;) my kitty ( who is 20 now...) left for a month once.. i thought for sure something gobbled him up.. but he turned up super skinny... and mewoing for love ;)

crazy kitties!!

Aimee said...

reading this makes me seriously happy right now! SOOO glad he found his way back to you!