Thursday, August 30, 2007

it's easy being green!

this makes me so happy;

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so, i am by no means totally "green" but i do my part here and there. i absolutely love using my big green stop & shop bags when i go grocery shopping. just the sight of them when i open my trunk makes me smile. i want to make an effort to do what i can, and all those little things will add up. i don't take a bag if i can carry it without. i try to re-use water bottles for a little while before i recycle them. i car-pool when possible and try not to run out for little things.

anyway, i'm not going to get all preach-y on y'all. but those green bags made my night last night.

::edit:: my new banner was made for my a while ago by the amazing aimee and with september coming it felt right! plus, i want it to get some screen time before i finally get around to scrapping a banner!


Latharia said...

I've got 3 fabric bags I take to the grocery store. They often look at me like I'm nuts. *rolling eyes*

michelle said...

love your new banner and I am gonna have to get me some of these bags!

Vee said...

i did the samething, no more bags for me. I got my bags at IKEA they are so cute too :)