Monday, August 13, 2007

monday mix #1

so i have been a bad blogger lately and i totally attribute it to the fact that i feel like i have to have a new lo or something scrappy in each post and i haven't been feeling very scrappy as of late. well to fix this situation i have decided to post a new mix every monday, each with a clear cut theme. so here we go...

monday mix #1 - around & around (the songs that have inhabited my brain this summer)

1. when did your heart go missing by rooney
2. young folks by peter, bjorn and john
3. girlfriend (remix) by avril lavigne feat. lil mama
4. here in your arms by hellogoodbye
5. yeah yea by matt & kim
6. creeps me out by ima robot
7. a pillar of salt by the thermals
8. ldn by lily allen
9. goods (all in you head) by mates of state
10. lazyeye by the silversun pickups
11. hang me out to dry by cold war kids

some of these were obviously released before this summer but they are in my brain for reals!

check 'em out, let me know what you think and tell me what's stuck in your head these days!


Cheryl Wray said...

I think this is a GREAT idea for a weekly post! I love your songs, but there are four or five I don't know. Gonna have to go check them out!

Unknown said...


Love you list.

you need some Coconut Records and some Rilo Kiley. :)


Heidi Joe said...

Get Moneymaker by Rilo Kiley... their new one comes out next week.

Also give The Shins a whirl... Australia, Turn on Me, and Sea Legs are good ones off of Wincing the Night Away.

Don't forget Dig by Incubus!