Thursday, September 13, 2007

crazy overwhelming woah-ness!

so let's discuss!

i have a HUGE decision to make. my friend rick and i have talked about getting a place together for a few months now, but haven't actually really looked other than to get an idea of what rent is like around here. so, my boss, brigette, is in need of someone to take her daughter to the bus stop a couple of mornings a week and i jokingly said that if she made the rent on the "cottage" behind her house real cheap i'd move in a do it. and to my surprise, she talked to her husband and they are all about it.

so, now i have to make the big decision about it. it is a small house, free standing, with it's own fenced in backyard and it's all hardwood floors; 2 bedrooms, bath, big living room and big kitchen. the rent would be a crazy deal, but i have to decide if i want to do the bus duty thing and if i can do it financially. ugh! big decision! i'm bringing rick to see it tommorow, and we'll see what he says. in the meantime, how have i been dealing with the stress of making this big decision?

decorating of course! i have folders in my favorites for every room in the house, haha. poor rick! the living room would be totally inspired by these curtains and this table. yeah, i'm thinking red or dark blue couch and light blue blik bird stick ons all over one wall. not to mention the rad owl lamb base i found!

then, my bedroom is all based on this comforter and this chandelier. i also found a really cool silver cuckoo clock and my amazingly talented friend colin is going to make me a stencil of a damask that looks like it's dripping and they are getting painted all over my room!

then the kitchen is all based around this plate along with two of its friends, which would be hung on the wall next to the fridge and then i would put three rods with clips on them above the table for postcards, pictures, notes and whatever else and of course get the space invaders from blik in hot pink and lime for all over!

oh, and this amazingness would go in the hallway! yeah, i have a lot of time on my hands at work!

the only thing i'm really having trouble finding is a really awesome shower curtain that would go with the super ugly peach tile in the bathroom. i am totally and hoplessly in love with this woodsy woods shower curtain from urban, but it soooooo would not go with peach. i'm thinking maybe i'll embrace the old school cheesiness of the peach tile and randomly put these mod silhouettes on the tiles. i'm not in love with the idea yet. we'll see! any tips on rad shower curtains would be much appreciated!

i'm also soooooooooo psyched that the day after tommorow i will be hanging with some of the raddest girls in scrapbooking; breanne, kristina, michelle, vee, elise and natalie! i'm totally nervous though! we are doing an atc swap (which i've never done before) and all these ladies are soooooo crazy sick talented! can't wait though! i made fun little presents for everyone, i'll post pics when i get back so that they don't see them before, and we are all going to have a crazy time! the poor store where we are cropping saturday night is not going to know what hit them! ahhhhh!!!! i soooooo can't wait!


*fauve* said...

That must be such a hard decision!Sounds good though...Have fun with these awesome girls!!

Barbara said...

I would do it!!!

Man, I wanted that bed set... I was going to buy it a few weeks ago but I am trying to wait... i like it because its not too girly...

anyway, keep us updated!!!

Vee said...

sounds like an awesome deal, I am sure you will make the right decision. can't wait to see ya Saturday, we are going to have so much in the dmv!! :)

Nicole Carro said...

Whoa! I'll miss you guys - you girls are going to have a crazy good time. Tough decision - I know you'll make the right choice though! You need to get that comforter, whether or not you move - it's so pretty. Talk you soon.

Crystal said...

Have fun Morgan! We need to get together and scrap sometime!

BTW I sent you a pm at SOML MB!

leslie said...

I am so loving this Delia's place. Great stuff! Good luck - I hope you come to a decision soon. Is this the same boss who you are trying to ask for a raise from???
Can't wait to see pics of the new place if you decide to move!