Monday, September 10, 2007

monday mix # 5

i've had no internet at work and i've been doing a TON of organizing for the scrapping garage sale at mlpa when i'm home. not to mention the little projects and such for the trip next weekend. lot's going on, little time to blog it. hopefully tommorow. in the meantime, the monday mix. i've been feeling pretty hopeless as far as dating and such goes, so we'll revisit an ancient incident that i dwell on like nobody's business. this is my mix that takes me there.

monday mix #5 - "like ancient bruises"

01. us - regina spektor
02. transatlanticism - death cab for cutie
03. passenger seat - death cab for cutie
04. left & leaving - the weakerthans
05. hallelujah - jeff buckley
06. two of those too - maria taylor
07. samson - regina spektor
08. lua - bright eyes
09. honey and the moon - joseph arthur
10. eastern glow - the album leaf


Polly said...

Wow, girl! You rock. Your scrapping rocks, your etsy rocks and now I notice your music does too.
OMG you are way cool!!!

shelly b said...

hey girl...check this out..they're having a DT call...thought of you!