Wednesday, September 19, 2007

va/d.c. area i love you!

i had such an indecribable amount of fun with the east coast ladies this past weekend! i mean really! there was lauging, drinking, drooling, scrapping, jumping, girlish squeeling, eating, sleeping, hugging, sharing, shopping, driving, singing, dishing, photographing and lots of bonding! here is some proof of some of the above;

exhibit a. bonding
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exhibit b.1 scrapping (in action)
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exhibit b.2 scrapping (results thereof)
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exhibit c. driving
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exhibit d. drinking
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exhibit e. shopping
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it really was a sick amount of fun. that layout is my layout at the end of our round robin, and those drinks are the end result of a 3 hour lunch after a tiring amount of shopping at anthropologie, paper source and urban outfitters. i was pretty well behaved at paper source, but defenitly really enjoyed it. and i totally caved and bought myself one of those fisheye cameras from urban. so psyched to get some film in it and start shooting!

these girls and i are totally addicted to east coast scrapping trips now! after the car ride home, breanne, kristina and i vote the next one be up here, haha!

p.s. after we got back sunday night kristina crashed at my house and we totally laughed until we drooled while watching rock of love. i mean seriously, at some point you see the top of bret's head and it looks flocked like ken doll hair, and then in the preview for next week it really honestly looks like his weave is sewn right in to his bandana! scary hilarious!


Laura Fiore said...

OK--I came to comment, and got so wrapped up in your links, I almost forgot! I love your decorating ideas...except for the owl curtains...they will attract owls from outside, and then they will circle the house and swarm and peck your eyes out...hey, it's Hitchcock week on AMC, what did you expect?

So glad you girlys had fun over the weekend!

EliseBlaha said...

whooo hooo. loved it.

Breanne Crawford said...


i love your photos.

did you send them yet!?

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

rock of love is hilarious. Glad to know that someone else out there watches that show too.

*fauve* said...

Owmy it looks like so much fun girly,im wayyy jealous :D

scrapmojo said...

Thanks for the lovely comment!! OMG i love rock of love and you are soooo right! It must be that hair in a can lmao! Looks like u had good times!

Nicole Carro said...

Lovely photos Morgan - see you soon.

leslie said...

Ok. Why am I so jealous that you got to hang out with Kristina Contes???!!! That's so cool. I'm glad you had such a fun trip. Totally love your layout!

Vee said...

yes, it was so much fun!!! :)

michelle said...

you guys look like you had a blast! so, so jealous.