Saturday, October 20, 2007

mixed by morgan....

... introducing "music to unpack to" ta-da!

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love how this mix turned out. i'm telling you,
kristina revolutionized the way i look at cardboard with her, "right now" class. anyway, this little baby is being shipped off to miss michelle who just moved back out to california. it's filled with music to unpack to. here's the track listing;

01. the gift - angels & airwaves
02. lazy eye - the silversun pickups
03. natural's not in it - gang of four
04. i don't feel like dancin' - the scissor sisters
05. touch the sky - kanye west
06. don't change - inxs
07. breakin' up - rilo kiley
08. i feel it all - feist
09. golden years - david bowie
10. nowhere again - the secret machines
11. super duper love (are you diggin' on me) - joss stone
12. young folks - peter bjorn and john
13. fraud in the 80's - mates of state
14. kissing the lipless - the shins
15. daft punk is playing at my house - lcd soundsystem
16. back in yoru head - tegan & sara
17. automatic girl - lola ray
18. this is it - ryan adams

does this count as my monday mix? haha. i'm going to be in long island/new york city sunday to monday, yay! hanging with two of my fave scrap ninjas and meeting up with a third for dinner monday night.

so, did anyone else read the twilight trilogy; twilight, new moon and eclipse? i absolutely loved twilight, new moon was rocky at first, but then sucked me back in and i was digging eclipse until the end. did anyone else feel a little ripped off? if so e-mail me and we shall discuss, haha.

off to clean up my scrappy stuff and get ready to dash home, pick up my mum, hunt for a couple cute jumper shirts and meet my aunt for her birthday dinner. i'm digging the whole jumper style that's going on right now. it's the perfect way to mask all the thermals, tees and such that i have accidentily shrunk so that they are too short, haha.


michelle raMirez said...

melt my heart!
you are the sweetest.
can't wait to jam out to this.
i'm saving it for when i unpack my scrappy stuff..yipee!!
thank you so very much you sweet thing!

Aimee said...

that is such a cool idea!

shelly b said... the music! I have been addicted to don't change by INXS lately..put it on and just it!

quietly going mad... said...

I want to read those books but they are in line of a long list. awesome mix!

michelle said...

Love that cd holder. Cool mix and you come over and clean my scrappy stuff?

Courtney DeLaura said...

LOVE the album
loved the twilight trilogy
jonesin' for the fourth book

Natalie said...

Ok, first of all that album thingy is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. For realsies. It makes me want to move so that I can get an awesome morgan present like that. Loves it.

Ok, so ready to play, in like, um, 4 hours. Yipppeeeee!

Vee said...

i love your album cover, i feel the same way!! love me some cardboard :) I want to read the twilight books, hoping i get the trilogy for Christmas. since they are coming out with a box set :)
miss ya!!