Wednesday, October 17, 2007

things are looking up!

in little ways and big ways!

01. first, and most importantly, nicole is in england! okay, you may be saying to yourself, "you do know you don't live there, right morgan?" well, yes. but somehow this seems closer to me than greece. maybe because i know that the states is the next stop from england, even if that will be a few weeks from now. still, yay! i am so envious of nicole's world traveler ways, but she is one of my very closest friends and it's hard not having her around. we are so going to take a fun road trip somewhere, not sure where yet.

02. i am totally caught up with my entries for the this is me challenge blog. that doodle one kicked my butt in a major way, but i'm just glad it's done!

03. thanks to teaching 9 ten year old girl scouts how to scrapbook yesterday, i got the extra money i needed to sign up for the first of 5 classes on my scrap bowl wishlist. it's kristina's inspire me class. i'm so psyched to finally get to work with one of those awesome acrylic albums! next on the wishlist, shimelle laine's i'm just a girl class. yeah, it's super pink and girly, but i need that every now and then! i'm so psyched on the killer group of girls headed to dulles, va for this event already and the list just keeps getting better and better.

04. jack & abby, owl pals, sweet skully & bunch more sassafras lass, figgy pudding and tons of heidi swapp are all headed for the store. maybe it will all come fedex, our fedex guy is kinda cute.

and since there happen to have been four prrofs that things are looking up, i might as well fill out that 4's survey that everyone is doing. epecially since i love top 4's so much more that 5's.

jobs i've had:

01. scrapbooker
02. barista
03. preschool teachers assistant
04. bookseller

movies i do, or could, watch over & over"

01. boondock saints
02. little miss sunshine
03. jay & silent bob strike back
04. better off dead

tv shows i watch:

01. heroes
02. pushing daisies
03. lost
04. gossip girl

places i've lived:

01. helena, montana
02. philadelphia, pa
03. flemington, nj
04. nazareth, pa

favorite foods:

01. honey mustard garlic pretzels
02. chicken & brocolli
03. bbq tofu quesadilla
04. coconut mahi mahi

favorite colors (i'm going to cheat, this is my fave 4 color combo):

01. raspberry pink (razleberry)
02. un-obnoxious lime green
03. white white
04. teal

places i'd love to be now:

01. olympia, washington
02. hanging out with the east coast scrappers
03. england catching up with nicole
04. ireland

names i like but would not use for my children:

01. milton
02. fiona
03. gage
04. fairlight

okay worlds longest blog entry, oops.


Barbara said...

You sound so happy happy =) man i keep saying i need to get with the "this is me" challenges but i am sooo freakin lazy!!! love all yours!!!

michelle said...

I'm so jealous! I want to go with you to Scrapbowl! That doodling challenge looks hard, hard, hard. I should just suck it up and DO IT.

Breanne Crawford said...

yay :) glad things are going well.

i think im not going to scrapbowl. which makes me sad but i think its too much traveling for next year. eep!

Natalie said...

Dude, we hanging out monday? Let's do it. Fun times ahead. Sweeeeet.

michelle raMirez said...

i wish i could be all caught up on that book of me.
must work on that soon.
and so jealous about scrapbowl.
"but honey i wanna go to scrapbowl now"
gotta love Willy Wonka.
maybe i'll just have to have you get an extra class kit for little ole me?

leslie said...

he he. I am a total gossip girl too!! I only watched it at first because it came on after ANTM, but now I'm hooked. I love Kristen Bell

Christina C. said...

so cool. totally love your "fours"

lucky girl to go to scrapbowl. sigh.

also, all caught up on This is me? wow, i aspire to be you. I am sooo far behind. Well done.

Vee said...

I can't wait for Scrapbowl and our next east coast scrap session! :)