Wednesday, October 24, 2007

oh so obsessive.

yes, i do have a bit of an obssesive personality. i find something i love to do and i want to share it with everyone, play all the time and own it all. scrapbooking supplies, albums, cute flats, big earrings... once i love something i love it big time. so, it's always nice when a new obsession is a healthy one like good reads. it's an awesome website that i've been hearing people like elise and vee talk about and just remembered to check out today. you know that when people you totally love and respect like something chances are it's worth a look, and sure enough...OBSESSION!

you can rate and review books you've read, are reading or want to read and add friends to your profile to check out their lists and reviews. i even added that fun little widget over there --------------> isn't he cute?

so, check it out peeps. you won't be dissapointed and while your at it, add me to your friends so i can see what you are into!


michelle said...

This sounds very cool. Just need to get some books now!

quietly going mad... said...

I had totally forgotten that I signed up for this. I do enjoy it and having more friends doing it to makes it better!

Vee said...

i love good reads although my to read bookshelf widget would be overflowing on my blog, lol. I have so many books on the radar to read. oy, need more hrs. in the day! :)