Thursday, October 25, 2007

a little daily love and some cut throat tv cuts.

so i FINALLY started doing daily cards on tuesday. here's what i've got so far;

the amazing queen of the daily card, elise is the one who started this creative concept, and she has an awesome blog with her dailies. i kept thinking i'd start on the first day of a month or on a holiday or something but the mood struck me tuesday so i figured why not. hence my first cards title being, "just a random day."

so i have decided i watch far too much tv and i want to cut it down considerably, to the shows that i really love. i often catch myself watching something just for the sake of watching something. and oftentimes i'm actually only half watching, so why watch at all? i could be reading, scrapping, writing lettters and all kinds of other fun stuff. so i'm making some cut throat tv cuts over the next couple of weeks. here's the plan so far;

..::the keepers::..
love them, love them, love them

* heroes
* gossip girl
* pushing daisies
* degrassi
* kid nation
* ugly betty
* samantha who

..::the questionables::..
i'm giving these shows 1 or 2 more episodes to make me love them (or in some cases to get back to being as awesome as they were in the beginning)

* greys anatomy
* private practice
* chuck
* about a girl
* america's next top model (do i really need to watch it now, wouldn't a marathon be better)

..::the farewells::..
i can live without these, or watch them in re-runs during the summer

* reaper
* survivor (i keep forgetting i don't really care)
* all csi's
* all law & orders
* numbers
* without a trace
* big bang theory
* tim gunn's guide to style (sooo not good)

..::the mid-season add-ons::..
waiting for these to start.

* lost (although this could end up on the questionable list, we'll see how it starts)
* project runway

is it gross that there are 7-8 shows i love? that's a lot of tv in a week, but what better than how many i was watching


Vee said...

te sound like me!! i am about to cut grey's too. it is not so good this season. I totally agree with you on gg, it looks good the next time it comes on which will not be until nov. 7, wtf?!!!I like Serena's bro so I hope he doesn't disapper like the sister on family matters, your dailies!!

jasmine said...

don't even get me started on too much television!

here's my schedule:
monday - how i met your mother, chuck, aliens in america, heroes, samantha who? (and greek, when that's back);
tuesday - bones, carpoolers, reaper (and kathy griffin, when that's back);
wednesday - pushing daisies, america's next top model, gossip girl, the sarah silverman program (and project runway and fashionista diaries, when they're back);
thursday - smallville, 30 rock, the office, scrubs, er (and mad men, when it's back; i gave up on tim gunn, too);
friday - about a girl, what not to wear, best week ever, real time with bill maher (and the best years, when that's back);
saturday - snl;
sunday - the simpsons, curb your enthusiasm (and flight of the conchords, when it's back).
and the daily show, monday through thursday.

it's a sad state of affairs here! thank goodness for dvr?

Nicole Carro said...

Dude, we are like totally on the same wavelength. I vowed the other day to watch only my "scheduled" tv show and nothing more so that I could free up some time for reading. I miss reading since I became a Mom.

Natalie said...

Yesssss. I'm dying for LOST to start too. And I'm so over Greys. And good point about ANTM. Although I can't pull myself away. Miss you...remember...I'm here until Sunday =)

michelle said...

girl, I don't even want to list how much tv i watch. It's borderline obscene. I can't pull away from grey's though and I will never give up lost. your cards are awesome. I want to start them in november.(that's the goal, at least). peace out !