Tuesday, October 16, 2007


... wow! so i just got done teaching 9 ten year old girl scouts how to scrapbook. it's amazing how well kids roll with the punches. where most adult beginning scrappers would be asking, "can i put this here?" and "now what?" these girls were scrapping away on their own terms and coming up with some amazing stuff. it was so cool to watch.

plus, i made enough money to sign up for one of the many scrap bowl classes i want to take, haha. actually, there are only 4 and we decided to cut out the crop expense by bringin a fold out table to crop in our, hopefully ajoining, rooms. i'm teaching a halloween mini on the 25th too, so here's to hoping that the classes i want don't sell out before i can get to them!

ooh, craziness! miss courtney delaura picked my, "into it over it" layout in the post below for this weeks catwalk over at scrap in style. this is totally the raddest thing ever for the following reasons;

1. courtney is totally one of my fave scrappers! she is totally fun and her style is killer! plus, we are into a lot of the same books, bands and whatnot.

2. this is my first time on the catwalk!!!

3. it means even more people checking out into it over it which i am pimping like nobodies business because i think it's one of the most awesome things ever.

anyway, i'm off to read, and probably finish, eclipse. yeah i know it's young adult, but i love this trilogy, and i am so not a wishy washy person! this is the last in the trilogy and i've been putting it off because i don't want it to be over, but i finally gave in and have been inhaling it! i also got special topics in calamity physics. has anyone read it yet? it looks interesting to me and i wanted something to read after eclipse. any idead for what should be next?


michelle said...

congrats on the catwalk! woo hoo! How fun to teach kids. I love watching how uninhibited they are when they create. haven't read the physics book ,but if you haven't read The Time Traveler's Wife, you should. It rocks!

Aimee said...

cool! congrats on the catwalk :) i want to read that trilogy as well & i need a book. may have to trek over to a bookstore tomorrow.

Natalie said...

Dude. The catwalk? That's big time baller time stuff. Love it. =)

Nicole Carro said...

So excited for you Morgan! Glad you had fun scrappin with the kiddos!