Sunday, November 4, 2007

sourround me with craftiness!

* the wedding was pretty hilarious and i can't wait to go get the pictures printed after work, let's just say; really strong run and cokes, the best music i've ever heard at a wedding, really good yummies and alot of the crazy, i-don't-care-how-loud-i'm-laughing laughter.

* i've actually been pretty good about my daily cards! i skipped one day, but know exactly what i want to do for that day so i'm pretty okay about it.

* tommorow is my day off and my last day of horrible eating and no working out. i'd like to lose the 15 plus pounds i've gained since moving away from philly. look for the tacky weight loss ticker at the bottom of my blog tommorow or tuesday sometime, haha.

* i did another store rearrange and i keep thinking i can't do anything else with this space and then i manage it, haha. i guess like 10 years of retail experience has something to do with that.

* it is my mission a little later to get some sort of bare-bones list of christmas gifts to take care of done. i really would like to make most if not all of them this year. or at least add handmade touches to things. i do have an arsenal of crafty weapons that i have forgotten about over the years, quilting, cross stitch, paper fun. umm yeah, i'm a total grannie. no wonder i don't date. haha.

* speaking of quilting; natalie has inspired me to take quilting back up again and so i am totally on the hunt for place to get really fun fabric, for a scrappy kind of quilt combining log cabin with fun joel dewberry and amy butlers funkier fabrics, with band t-shirts and pictures printed on fabric. any suggestions for awesome fabric sources?

* i want to start playing with canvases. after seeing the awesome ones kristina was working on, the amazing art her friend cheryl does and the adorable minimalist masterpiece that nicole eshelman posted i am humbled but wanting to play!

* even though i have returns to do and a grocery store and post office trip to make tommmorow i want to spend the rest of the day doing crafty things. i feel like haven't scrapped a page in forever! plus i want to figure out my holiday cards!


staceyfike said...

there is a huge fabric store here
(hancocks) if you want me to look for something for you let me know.

Nicole Carro said...

Have a happy day off! Dude, we are so lacking on the fabric stores out here now - I'd make a trip to PA for that. Let me know.

Vee said...

you and k look so PRETTY!! I love your dress, the color i had imagined when you told me! :) so glad you had fun!! canvas, yum, quilt double yum! ;)

Natalie said...

Ok, loving the dresses. You guys look HOT. And dude, I started my quilt and I'm having so much fun. But I've always wanted to make a quilt from old t-shirts. Imagine how comfortable that would be! We have to go to that fabric store in Soho in December, ok? Deal!

michelle said...

look at you guys! ow! I say take up the quilting. It's fun and therpeutic. have fun christmas shopping.

quietly going mad... said...

You guys look so cute! I'm glad you had a good weekend! A quilt with t-shirts sounds awesome. I have a pile of ones I couldn't get rid of and was going to make purses out of them and never did maybe they could be repurposed? I just learned how to knit so if you are grannie so am I!