Friday, November 9, 2007

right now.

* i have a major crick in my neck from apparently sleeping at a really weird angle all night or something. i'm not really into it.

* i have been having really long, vivid and involved dreams lately. i'm pretty sure that if i wrote them down when i woke up screenplays and books could be written and money could be made.

* i just filled my very first baseball card page protector with daily cards. 18 of them. i'm pretty psyched that i'm sticking with this.

* i am really digging evan's song for week seven of his (song a week for a year) solo project called into it over it. go have a listen. it's called, "everybody's crazy."

* tv - gg what? i'm not such a huge fan of the writers making me feel bad for chuck bass. ugh! grey's might be making a comeback, it actually had me smirking a few times. and no pushing diaisies last week? heartbreaking!

* i just started watching the final season of the o.c. on dvd. i watched the first disc last night and i forgot how much i loved this show! and 3 out of the 4 episodes made me cry. wth?

* i was going to have a saturday off and do something fun, but my grammee called out of nowhere and sprang upon me the fact that she had a knee replacement and has been home alone. what? so now i'm going down there saturday to sunday. normally not an issue, my grammee and i used to be really close until my dad messed it up and last time i went down there the whole time she just kept asking me if i "had a better brain in my head now" mostly in reference to the fact that she never like me living in philadelphia. anyway i can only imagine what this visit is going to be like and i am pretty close to livid with my father who, even though we haven't talked in years, really could have sent me an e-mail to tell me about grammee's surgery so that i could have gone down there to help out from the beginning. ugh! (sorry rant)

* thank goodness for my usual day off monday. i will have the day to myself to get caught up on some things and then nicole is coming over to scrap the nigth away, yay!

* glenn is back from iraq, yay! one less thing for me to worry about. and my friend nicole who i love to a million billion pieces is back from her travels, most recently greece and england, and we get to have her here in the states for 3 months! yay!

* i'm going to my favorite scrapbook store tonight to pick up the vinyl thickers (orange, black and red) that came in. love the standing request they have in the book for me, "2 of each color, material and font of thickers that ever come in put on hold for morgan" yeah it's an addiction.

* we got the love, elsie "noel" line in for the store and i'm brainstorming my holiday cards. yay!


Shelly Brewer said...

weird..i have a crick in my neck sucks...had it all week!! Just got the noel it of course! Greys is rockin. hope all is well.

Fauve Design said...

wow busy again girly,lotsa stuff goin on!Hope your neck is better now :S

Nicole Carro said...

Hope your neck is better - I have the same damn problem, just started today, weird. Dude, keep a crazy dream journal near your bed and jot down the crazy thoughts - and when you strike it rich from your incredible screenplay, don't forget about the little people:) Can't wait to scrap on Monday!

Anonymous said...

but can you believe about chuck and b??