Tuesday, November 27, 2007

workin' it.

i finished january through june in my mini box and it's so thick that i went over to home depot after work today and grabbed another one and they are under a massive pile of bazzill with the wood glue setting as we speak. i think it's turning out pretty rad if i do say so myself.

and i just whipped up some ornaments stuffed with ribbon and fun stuff that i think are going to go up on my etsy soon. i so need to get on that. i haven't made a single christmas card yet, for me or to sell!

oooh while i was at home depot i picked up a big heavy duty plastic toolbox for $5 that fits all my acrylic paint and brushes, so fun.

so the plan for the rest of the night is episodes of, "inside the actors studio" and drinking a leftover blue moon full moon holiday brew. yum.


michelle said...

can't wait to see how your minibox is coming! I have cut my cardstock for my cards and made my list, but that's pretty much it, so don't feel bad.

staceyfike said...

love james lipton
love blue moon
have fun :)

Vee said...

sounds great, hope you created lots to share, got my cd-so cool! :)
xo, see ya in two days!!

Nicole Carro said...

Dude, good for you, getting stuff done. Nada here, can't wait to sit down and make stuff, ya know?