Saturday, November 24, 2007


first of all, really long time no blog. sorry! i'm sure y'all aren't hanging on my every post anyway!

second of all, look how rad my new blog set up is! i am totally in love wiht it. i scrapped the banner yesterday and actually figured out the layout myself, haha. i am kind of inept when it comes to this stuff sometimes so usually aimee does it for me because she is so rad. this is also my first banner i've designed myself! yay! anyway, imagine i am posh spice when i say this is going to be a major listy type update and then i'll be better for reals.

* ummm okay, i know i said this last time, but this weeks into it over it song, "ashley's big adventure" is defenitly my favorite so far. i continue to be more and more impressed every week.

* kristina's visit consisted of little sleep, lot's of weird clothing at the mall, beer samples, russian hats, photo booth pictures, little sleep, scrapping with nicole and lots of fun.

* i elfed nat, vee, myself and kristina in preperation for our fun get together this weekend in long island. we're going to brave the crazy tourist level to head into the city, hopefully hit the union square holiday flea market and have lots of fun and photos. marykate might head in with me too.

* i have been sick for what seems like forever, one of those horrible colds that just won't let go. it seems to finally be on its' way out and last night i could actually sleep with my head at a normal level, rather than propped up on several pillows, yay!

* thanksgiving was cozy, quiet and yummy. after dinner we watched evan almighty and traded christmas wishlists.

* speaking of wishlists, there are lots of yummies i am hoping for this year. like this awesome swing coat that i have been drooling over for like ever, this hello kitty woodgrain bank,


Barbara said...

Love the new bloggy banner!!!!

Vee said...

wow, love the new look here!! looks awesome, hehe love us as elves, we look cute,lol
can't wait to hang girlie!!
glad you are feeling better too! :)

Michelle said...

LOVE your new banner!! I love how your sunnies matched the paper too! :D

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...


love the new bloggity.

Mika said...

It looks great and I love your banner. Mika

michelle said...

love your new look and the banner rocks!