Friday, December 14, 2007

grinch mail!

yeah, that's a weird combination for sure.

wednesday i got to head down to cherry hill and catch a ride with evan to jasmine's americas next top model finale party at john's house. so fun! jasmine made eveybody tyra mail cd's and we all ate junk food and had some drinks. it was way fun to have people to rip on the show and get angry with, haha. the best was totally ripping on that new show, crowned. i mean come on, "team silent but deadly!" they really had no idea what that meant? haha. we were the last people there so that we could catch the end of project runway. yeah i still don't care about any of those designers except for the fact that jack the bear is cute.

oh, and evan used my laptop to upload this weeks into it over it song and holy poo! i am blown away, by the ending especially, it makes me want to like burst! and because it's on my desktop, you can bet i've been listening to it on a pretty regular basis. go check it! he has his first live show for this project on the 28th and i can't wait! plus, i'm working on a really rad related project!

anyway, i got to drive home in this thursday morning. ick! thankfully it was just rain for the first 2/3rds of my drive, but then once it turned into ice it was way terrifying out there! it took me 3 hours to get home instead of 1 and a 1/2. insane!

so, on to the grinch-y part; i suck at christmas this year! tree? no! decorations? no! christmas cards out? no! gifts under control? no way! ugh! i just can't seem to get myself into it this year, and it's totally catching up with me! i mean christmas is in what? like 11 days! eep! i've been listening to my christmas mix on the pod (i'm a sucker for indie and alternative christmas re-do's) and that's not working! maybe i just need to force myself to start and then i'll get into it. i'm totally whelmed with christmas!

umm also, please die from laughter while watching this hilariousness that i found via donna downey's scrapbowl questionarre;

ohmygod! seriously! i don't know which part is my favorite, the dude with the huge harry potter glasses or the really ridiculous ones that no one would be able to do! there are a bunch of other episodes too! love it!


Aimee said...

i can't get into xmas this year either. i've read that on a few blogs-we need to all get together for a grinch party! i think my problem is lack of finding what i want to buy for people. so i got frustrated & gave up!

Rhi said...

uh, WHAT. we're so far behind. tell me who won top model.
as long as its not that russian. don't tell me if its her. i can't stand her.

i'm always grinch like ;) but i have a reason, whats yours?!

*fauve* said...

Hmmm feelin you,im not (jet)in the Christmas mood neither.I luv that funny video :D

jasmine said...

I'm so glad you came on Wednesday!! We need to have hangouts way more.

Vee said...

i am a little less grinchy with some gingerbread house making tomorrow and some holiday crafts tonight! I am so jealous that you went to a ANTM finale party, how fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally feeling the same way as you. I 've made 3 christmas cards this year. Don't see that I'll be making too many more.
Ok, that is the funniest video I have ever seen!!! Hilarious

Natalie said...

I think you and I need to have a grinch party. Although I am working on my christmas cards right now. So expect a little reindeer dude in your mailbox any day now!