Sunday, December 9, 2007

a nyc recap through fisheyes.

lovin' that i'm pretty close to figuring out this whole fisheye thing. note our feet in the photo looking all far away and the bend of the wall behind us. so close! i got some pretty rad shots of the g.w. bridge as well. this shot happened probably minutes before the following conversation with nat;

nat: how are you feeling?
me: ugh.
nat: maybe you should try to make yourself throw up?

yeah not so fun on the ill front. but walking around helped and at least my being ill kept me from spending a ton of money at kate's and the ink pad. so there's that, haha.

plus, we found this really rad wall at parsons new school so we got to take fun pictures in front of all kinds of rad backgrounds. unfortunately there weren't any tim gunn sightings, but we were probably there for like half an hour easy going snap crazy. love hanging with ladies who are just as crazy about taking pictures as i am. they totally understand the need to get that shot, y'know?

it was a crazy cold and windy day, but we got the hang of it by the end and had fun at the outdoor craft market and filling our noses with all the yummy smells at lush, with only a minor glitter up the nose injury, i won't name any names, haha.
i have scrappy things coming soon, i promise!


staceyfike said...

love the fisheye, but i'm jealous.

you all get to hang without me.


ellen said...

love the fisheye that is way cool

Jodie said...

love it! you make me want one even more badly!!

Colleen said...

i haven't gotten my pics from my fisheye developed yet. i can't wait to see what they look like after seeing yours

michelle said...

what cool pics. a fisheye lens is on my christmas list, too.. these look soo fun!

Vee said...

i LOVE all of your fisheye shots!! ha, so remember that conversation and the day did get better! :)

michelle raMirez said...

those are great shots.
an what a fun day it sounds like you all had despite the mishaps.
fun fun.

Nicole Carro said...

Glad to hear you had a fabulous time! Hope you're feeling better.

shelly b said...

fun fun times! love the new look of the blog! STILL haven't got my fisheye pics developed! I forget how long it takes to get 20 some pics....when you're not looking at them! These are great though!!!