Friday, December 7, 2007


i have ...
* pointlessly sat here at work with no one coming in because of the snow.
* started a project that i have been thinking about for a while
* planned some theraputic scrapping pages
* been inspired by this layout by shelly b and this one too. also vee's christmas journal and everything kristina has been doing lately!
* eaten about a million hershey kisses.
* had freezing cold feet all day. (it is officially time to give up on the canvas slip-ons.)
* had lofty dreams for the future.
* miss friends that i have not seen in ages.
* scored a second clip-it-up for 40 % off.
* made some updates on myspace.
* sent good vibes all the way to long island.

i will ...
* have a mug of hershey's goodnight kisses hot chocolate.
* curl up with the new issue of nylon.
* eat chinese food (and subsequently continue to not lose weight.)
* continue to think about a haircut.
* make todays daily card.
* watch a movie.
* stay up too late.

i want ...
* a hand to hold
* mocassins in fun colors
* a business loan


staceyfike said...

see that's the thing about snow days and why i no longer love them.
when you're a kid it means NO SCHOOL!!!! but then you grow up and it just means NO BUSINESS!
(and i hate driving in the snow too...)

Vee said...

you have the best list!! you got more snow?!! can't wait to see your dailies, have a great weekend!!

Rhi said...

i want a flippin' cup of hershys goodnight kisses hot chocolate! we don't get that over here. you cruel cruel womyn.

thankyou for my post morgan :) beautiful layouts and cupcake ribbons! *heaven*

michelle said...

I want to see your dailies! And it is dreary and raining here in vegas (yeah) so hot chocolate sounds fabulous! have a great day

oranginadreams said...

You are right - Vee's journal is awesome.
I haven't been losing any weight either, don't feel too bad.
And a business loan, huh?? Curious...

shelly b said...

you are the best! thanks for brightening up my day by linking me don't know how much that is helping me today. And the weight thing....ugggg....don't even want to talk.