Tuesday, December 4, 2007

randoms to get by.

* a week or so a go i broke wal mart. well, at least the photo center. apparently when i requested that the machine burn all the picture files on my digital camera's memory card to disc it overloaded and downed the photo center fro a few hours. oops.

* i watched the invisible yesterday and justin chatwin is waaaaay yummy when he is not being a total jerk in chumscrubber.

* long island and nyc with k, v & n was a little weird (we all had issues, haha) but we managed to still have fun regardless and take a ton of pictures in front of a really fun wall at parsons/the new school. i unfortunatly barely snapped any with my own camera, other than the fisheye and who knows how those will end up.

* they are completely tearing up the road and sidewalk in front of the store and have the whole block totally closed, but yet i somehow still have to be here. wth?!?

* my secret santa over at scrap in style sent me a fun little package yesterday that included the rold gold honey mustard twists that i can't seem to get around here anymore. yum. now if anyone can find me the rold gold honey mustard and garlic sticks i will give them my first born. promise. or the equivelant in scrap of craft supplies.

* tv - *gossip girl = better & better, loved the taste of bad s they gave us. *heroes = familiar. didn't we have a possible end of the world situation last year this time? and 2 epsiodes where peter stays fully clothed? what? *project runway - bye bye flock of seagulls! 'nough said.


Vee said...

i had a great time with you guys!! love being in the city with you, can't wait to hang again, what i am going to have to wait until feb, lol...we seeem to get together every two months, love that!!:) gg is so good, i liked heroes and pr is a whee bit boring to me this year---gasp, i know!!

Colleen said...

i swear they have that flavor at my publix. i'll look and letcha know

michelle said...

Glad you had a nice getaway with the girls. Heroes started getting predictable in the middle...