Thursday, December 6, 2007


so i've always been into lists and 3's seem to be everywhere lately, the stupid 333 storyline on csi: new york, tracks i'm digging and groups. anyway, here are some random lists of 3. feel free to come up with your own.

3 sequential track i dig;

from death cab for cutie's album, "transatlantacism"
6. tiny vessels
7. transatlantacism
8. passenger seat
soooooooo painfully yummy

3 things i wanted to be when i grew up;

1. singing voice for a disney character
2. childrens book author
3. rockette (stupid 3 inches)

3 lyrics that i love;

1. "there's not a lot for you to give if you're giving in."
2. "you are what you love not what loves you back."
3. "someone choose who's left and who's leaving."

3 smells i adore;

1. medicated chapstick
2. the smell right before it rains in the spring & summer
3. sleeping kitty tummy

3 websites that consume the most of my time;

1. scrap in style tv
2. trendetta
3. here

3 most recent album purchases;

1. sky blue sky by wilco
2. in our bedroom after the war - stars
3. our ill wills - the shout out louds

3 favorite things to do;

1. scrap
2. hold hands
3. take pictures

3 must watch shows right now;

1. gossip girl
2. pushing daisies
3. the soup

3 favorite songs at this instant;

1. a praise chorus by jimmy eat world
2. breakin' up by rilo kiley
3. set yourself on fire by stars

3 things on your holiday wishlist;

1. the snow & graham 2008 wall calendar
2. plush superbot from bam pop
3. wii with dance dance revolution

and now that i've been playing on youtube look for my 3's of youtube videos real soon, haha.


Vee said...

love your three list!! I love the smell of rain in the summer too, just before a storm.

michelle said...

If you can find a wii, you better tell me where! I used to love the smell of before rain, but out here it smells like dirt.

jasmine said...

So, when are we trying out our voices for Disney?! I sooo wanted to be a voice actress for cartoons, too! (Still do, really.)

Aimee said...

you must get superbot! he is SO cute irl :) i'm getting dh a wii for xmas-i'm as excited about it as he is!