Thursday, January 10, 2008

heart happy.

here are some things that are making my heart pretty happy right now;

* making fake polaroids - i just realized that if i use the 3 x 3 layout setting on my little photo printer and then carefully crop with my trimmer they come out looking all lovely and polaroid-ish. at least as long as you don't look too too close, hehe. i'm going to use all these for the book for colin. speaking of which,

* the book for colin - it's making my heart all skippy at least. i was going to buy soem balsa wood at home depot, but couldn't find it and then i stumbled upon a 1/4 inch thick piece o4 wood that was 6 inches by 3 feet. i had the evil man, who made me wait and then forgot me, cut it into 10 inch pieces and that's what i'm using for the front and back of the book. this is both exciting, because i already made the cover and love it, and terrifying, because i am not so sure how this is actually going to work out in the end. hence, the skippy heart. we'll see. he will love it regardless, as evidenced by;

* the fact that colin still has every crafty bit i've made him in his room at his parents' house - this is especially impressive because we dated when i was 19, 6 years ago, haha. included in his morgan craft collection are the collaged cardboard stars with quotes on the back of them that i made for his ceiling. and most impressingly/horrificly a frame i had bought him to put some of the best pictures from his bands first summer tour in, but didn't have copies of the pictures yet so i drew horrible stick figures of whatever each picture looked like and he kept them in there, haha. i'll have to snap a pic next time i'm there, haha.

* watching my so called life on dvd - and most especially, one of my all time favorite my so called life moments;

oh my god, love! look for an entire love letter to my so called life someday really soon, haha. the quotes alone, y'know?

* the preview for cloverfield - ummmmmmm must see this movie asap! i don't know why i'm so excited about it, but i totally am.

* the fact that i get to head to scraptasia now to drop off my class sample and, just maybe, do a teeny tiny bit of shopping. yay!


Candice P.J. said...

Such a fantastic scene! I ADORE Claire Danes... why did they ever cancel that show? And I was really disappointed that the DVD didn't have any special features... Thanks for sharing!

sally hanna said...

i loved that show and watching that scene gave me goose bumps! jordan was such a little hottie! you were way too young to be watching that show, lol!

michelle said...

Those faux polaroids are so cute. I love them! I wanna see cloverfield too! have fun shopping.

Jodie said...

i love those polaroids, what a cool idea!!!
and that album sounds like its going to be great cant wait to see the finished product! i LOVE your work!!!

staceyfike said...

agghhhh!! i LOVE that show!! and as soon as i said i was watching them online, they quit adding new episodes, so i may need to borrow yours, lol!
and WHY do i feel like i'm entirely to old to love that show as much as i do?

Christina C. said...

omg. OMG. Jordan Catalano.. oh the flashbacks. Thanks for that Miss M.

love the faux-polaroids.

Natalie said...

I love that show! I want to the dvds so bad but dude, they are so expensive for only being like 16 episondes or what not. Might have to get them anyways.

Aimee said...

loved that show! one of the greats that got canceled WAY too early.your Polaroids are cuties btw :) and yeah-i have to see cloverfield like the day it comes out. don't know why. good marketing i guess!

Vee said...

i love that show!!! jared was so hot back then and what happen to the rest of the cast except for claire?!! I see her in movies all of the time but the rest of them not so much, you may just have to bring those dvds with you in feb, i have a portable dvd player. :) have a great weekend
ps. love your polaroids :)

Rachael said...

Love the faux polaroids!!

Your book sounds like it will be great!

shelly b said...

never should have been cancelled is all i can say right now!

Silje Røe Hagland said...

NO WAY!!! those fake polaroids are the coolest ever!
Im sooo gonna try that! GREAT idea, thanks a bunch <3

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I never watched that show - weird huh? And how sweet is Colin for saving all your stuff!
Good luck with your class!!