Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i'm in love with a usb drive!

his name is fu and he is from
mimobot's artist series. he was done by a really rad graffitti artist called reach and he came with a little hoodie that i can put him in when i want to bring him somewhere on my keychain. they have a bunch of really cool bots in their core series and lots of different artists in limited editions. there is also star wars, halo, domo and happy tree friends drives. i love that the happy tree friends come pre and post accident. hehe. y'all should totally check them out! i got the minimum memory because i'm going to use him to get my pictures easily from computer or disc to photo printer. he was here in like 3 days in a fun silver tube! love it!

i finally finished my "happiness is g*town" album! i was a little worried about the amount of pages (72, eek!) and what that meant when it came to me uploading it to sis, so i did it in three parts. so, if you wanna see here they are;
part one, part two & part three. i totally love it! and as littlescrapper13 put it, it's really more of a novel than a mini! hehe.

i got a text the other night, from my friend colin, who is easily one of my top 5, if not top 3, most favorite people in the entire world. he is moving to portland! what the heck?!?!? a. take me with you! b. ugh! we dated long, long ago when we were way young, hated eachothers stinkin' guts for about 6 months and have been soooooo close ever since, haha. even though we don't get to hang out a ton, we talk a lot and i always know that he is around. he is the king of the random text that will make my day. he puts up with my down moods, but also knows when it's time to kick my butt into having some perspective. if i'm having a really horrible time of something he'll call me and sing that really scary clay aiken song, "invisible" to me until i'm dieing of laughter. he is a crazy sick artist and has always been supportive of my craftiness. and, he is the best person ever to sneak into movies with! i'm going to miss him so much it's crazy! he will be around for the next couple of weeks and then it's off to portland to open a gallery/clothing company. i'm so excited for him and so sad for me!

at least we got to have some really ridiculous fun last night. i'm pretty upset about this, as you can probably tell, because when was the last time i typed this much about anything?!?! but at least i can get some of this down in a book for him before he leaves. i'm going to head to home depot after work to get some balsa wood to make the front and back covers and then make him a random stream of thought/reminiscing/encouraging art journal-y type thing. i think. i know we will come back together eventually.

speaking of which, i made this layout the other night (yeah, it's a horribly lit picture) and i'm really psyched on it for a few reasons. i was watching an old episode of "bones" and one of the characters said, "everything happens eventually." and it just really hit some chord in me. this is totally going to be my new mantra for the year. i feel like i really get in my own way a lot becuase i get so impatient. i push things rather than letting them happen, i feel i need things right away that i don't in actuality and i worry about things that are so far in the future that there is nothing to be done about it now. so, hopefully this will sink in for me. i'm also really proud of myself that rather than writing it on a scrap of paper, that would have floated around for like ever, i went right over to the scrap table and scrapped it at the exact moment i thought it up. it felt really awesome. and although it's simple, there is something to it and the feeling of just doing it that i really love.


Je said...

love your new USB fu.
I'm in the same situation as you are. two of my bestest friends are leaving, one's going to Australia to live with her brother and the other one will be in Paris with her boyfriend. No plans of seeing them in next 8 months or so... So sad. Even though I know it's gonna be so good and fun for them.

Well, that was a long comment. :)

michelle said...

Wow! must be karma, cause I need a USB drive for my digital photo frame and this is too freaking cute! sorry to hear about your friend moving, but just think of it as another place you can come visit. love how your layout turned out and I love that quote!

Aimee said...

ok 3 things...1-i MUST get one of the minobot's & i'm totally blaming you for enabling me!2-very cool that your friend is going to start up a company but sad when friends move so far away & 3-i'm totally impatient too, i really need to work on just letting things happen!

Anissa said...

That is the cutest USB drive dude!

I got the player @

You can choose your player style & colors once you sign up ;)

Vee said...

this is the cuest usb drive i have ever seen! YES, your mini rocked hard, omg, loved it!! We will be making new memories in 5 weeks, eeek!! The line from Bones is an awesome mantra and love your page. :)

metrochic said...

eep! i'm in love with fu too!