Sunday, January 6, 2008

so this is the new year...

and i only feel slightly different. hehe. you know i had to fit a little death cab in there, it's just too appropriate not to!

so, i've been playing a little scrappy catch up to start the new year off right. now that i have my very own typewriter i can finally finish my "happiness is g*town" album that i started foooooorever ago. i've worked on it the past couple of times i've scrapped, and i think i might even be able to finish it at work today. yay! i have a couple weeks worth of daily cards to bang out, oops! at least i have been keeping a running list of what happened each day, or what i wanted to do on each one, so it won't be hard at all, and they will still reflect my day. then i want to catch back up with the
this is me challenges and finish the mini mini (it's 2 x 2) from that wedding i went to with kristina that i made a cover and one page in like months ago, haha. i just kinda want to start my scrappy year off all fresh and new.

speaking of which, i knocked out my first clear acrylic album new years eve eve and new years eve. i'm pretty proud of myself for getting it done before the next year started. i just didn't want to accidentily end up with any 2008 influences in my 2007 favorites book. so here it is;

you can probably see it better over in my portfolio at scrap in style. i really like how it turned out. it was a challenge to get used to having to know what was going on the back of each page so that i knew where it was safe to use the adhesive, but i really loved the awesome layering i could get going through the acrylic.

i want to do some major new years cleaning of the scrap area. who wants to help? i got rid of a ton of stuff at the scrapbook garage sale at mlpa (that's how i could afford my clip-it-up's hehe), but i need to be even more ruthless. i have a lot of stuff that i really like, but know that in reality i will probably never get around to using. i need to make myself get rid of that stuff too. eek. the volume of scrap stuff just gets so overwhelming sometimes that it gets hard to actually get anything done over there. it will be hard, but at least i will have a ton of stuff for the next scrapbook garage sale.

i also finished my class sample for the class i'm teaching at scraptasia on the 28th so i'm going to run that down there tommorow before i head to the 'burg to do a little scrapping and maybe catch a movie with nicole. yay! it will just be another little sneak peak of how fun scrap bowl is going to be! i can't wait.

k, well i'm off to try to finish my g*town book!

p.s. spiderman 3? worst movie ever! ummm... how do you manage to make a super hero movie with 3 villians in it amazingly boring? ugh! such a total waste of time!


*fauve* said...

SUch a great album!I luv the colors and retro look!

Anonymous said...

You know, I haven't seen any of the Spidey movies. So behind.
Your album looks AWESOME! I have yet to try out the clear acrylic albums. I haven't scrapped at all this year - tee hee.

Jodie said...

that album is awesome, clear albums are so fun hey!
goodluck with the cleaning and purging of the scrap room i KNOW i need to do it but do u think i do it? haha.
hope 2008 is a kickass one for you!


Natalie said...

that album is pure happiness! I love it times a million. Can't wait to see the gtown mini. How's Mario?

Vee said...

love your mini!! scrapbowl is going to be so much fun! :)

michelle said...

Your album is gorgeous, love the colors / papers you used! Girl, I went to the movies and saw Spidey 3 and almost walked out.