Thursday, January 24, 2008

turning my day from argh! to yay!

i did not have a lovely morning. at all. but as to not nurture the parts of my life that make me want to off myself i am going to concentrate on the happy making things, in list form of course. because seriously, is there any better way?

* this quickie layout i did last night of nat and the rad pictures she always gets. using the shaped 6x12 was really fun because i just refused to worry about what is going on the protector behind it. flat out.

* pop off! the soup is totally a huge laugh out loud highlight of my week. i want to marry joel mchale and adopt his puppy.

* the fact that i was totally resigned to not going to cha and a certain evil genius in my life had me convinced and booked on a flight within an hour, out of nowhere. now i leave in just over 2 weeks. hehe. watch out o.c.!

* i found the perfect haircut online! it even looks like the girls hair is the same texture and volume as mine, so it should work. can't wait to get it hacked tommorow!

* i just called to double check what time i should be at scraptasia to teach my class monday and found out that my class is one seat short of full! i am so excited and totally nervous to be teaching at a new store!

* scrapbowl is getting closer and closer and i can't wait to hang with everyone; marykate, katie, nicole, natalie, vee, kristina, sara, aimee, colleen, shelly and lots of other fun ladies! so psyched!

* speaking of miss shellyb, i totally jacked this idea off her -> yeah to my thickers being in color order! i don't really know what i was thinking with them being organized by material and then font, i go searching for them by color anyway. now they look so pretty!

* i am also psyched/freaked by the fact that scrapbowl, and now cha a little bit before, are the perfect kick in the @$$ for me to drink the correct amount of water, eat healthy and join that gym so that i can live on the stairmaster when i'm not working! i know that once i start i'll stick to it and enjoy the working out, i just need ot start!

* and last but not least, i'm really excited about awesome opportuinites for awesome friends!


Barbara said...

OMG a million thickers! Yum... I LOVE that layout

Christina C. said...

yay! cute thickers!

have lots of fun at CHA for me. ;) so jealous.

also, congrats, ms. fabulous potential fashionista you rock.

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

My husband and I live near Seattle and used to go see Joel Mchale at this thing called Theater Sports (improv) before he was famous. We LOVED him. He is so funny! He did this one skit called spastic armpits, as you picture what that would look like you will get a good laugh. Can't wait to see what you do with your hair. Always on the lookout for new do's.

sally hanna said...

gah! look at those yummy thickers!! lucky girl.

All About Eve said...

yay for happy posts!!! can't wait to see the new do

michelle said...

wow, I thought I had a lot of thickers! Look at you! jetsetting scrapper. Have fun at scrapbowl AND CHA. wow.

Jodie said...

holy crap look at all those thickers.
heres the sad thing ive never even SEEN that many colors and variety in the shops here in australia, haha how lame is that?
i think i better start searching online for some fun colors.

goodluck with the new haircut, i bet itll look gorgeous :)
i need to find me a great new cut, but hmm its hard ya know.

ull have so much fun at cha u lucky thang!!

have a great weekend


The Ninja said...

Ok, first of all. I love you. Your layout is the cutes thing EVER. Totally made my day.

Two. Those thickers look amazing in color order. Makes me want a clip it just so I can copy you.

Three. Only a few more weeks until we can play. And I promies to take more pics so that you can make more fab layouts ;)

Have a great weekend!

Heidi Joe said...

Just the mere thought of all those Thickers makes my heart all a-flutter! So rad. Love the LO, too!

Vee said...

aw, your post makes me so happy!! I love it and we will have so much fun in a few more weeks! I can't wait to her about your trip to ca!! your thicker collection is killer :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, we should get together when you come in for CHA!!

Candice P.J. said...

Love the layout! Have fun in CHA - so jealous, especially because Anaheim is only 20 minutes from me! Can't wait to see pics of the new do!

Anilu Magloire said...

You'll have to fight me for Joel :)

Can't wait to see the new do. I'm sure you;ll look hot!

Have a wonderful time teaching and at CHA. I am so jealous you get to go.

LOVE, the thickers idea, simple, yet genius.