Thursday, January 31, 2008

someone find me a helmet with flames on the side!

maybe i'll just always update in list form, it seems more fun that way. especially since i'm sure that no one needs a play by play of my life! so, lately;

* made a quick run to philly for my haircut at american mortals, a quick stop into a doggie boutique and a magazine run into my old borders. why is it that they hire the cute boys after i leave? haha. p.s. i'm not quite sure why i look so angry in that picture other than the fact that it was pre-coffee. the next decision is wether i want to dye it dark, dark brown again and not go orangey red 'til summer, or do i dye is an auburn closer to my natural color, but with a little more pop?

* my class at scraptasia was awesome! i totally had no reason at all the be nervous! the ladies were awesome and picked up on the exacto so quickly! i can't wait to teach my next one! especially now that i have an awesome apron that rhian made me! my next class there will be in march. i'll totally post when i have a sample done and a defenite date. it really is a gorgeous store.

* kristina came jersey side and we finished up her kits, watched factory girl and some my so called life. factory girl was a defenite, "ooph" kind of movie. so good, but so sad! i want her body and subsequently her wardrobe as well. did a little shopping, some scrapbook painting and took kristina to her very first jersey diner, next i'll take her to her first truck stop diner, haha. watch out girl!

* ummmm... could i love kirsten dunst anymore? if anyone sees these miu miu ads anywhere, i would kill for them! i want to hang a couple of the pictures us in my re-done room (when that happens after the crazy month that is february)

* i am officially eating waaaaaay better and have given up soda. i just started sunday, but i seemingly have lost two pounds already, which is good because i hate all my clothes and refuse to buy new ones for this body i have now. i'm thinking of buying a cute pair of flats that will make a couple of outfits and a couple of basic tops to hold me over for cha and scrapbowl. and then after those two events i'm joining the 24 hour gym that just opened up near me. can't wait to work it all off. i'm making a "work it out" mix, haha.

* speaking of mixes, i'm also making an. "eat mosaic" mix for k & j's 'straunt and a "jetsetter music letter" mix for the plane ride, all breezy and funky and some about california, one of my top 5 states, haha. perhaps i'll post it when it's all done. i was having a total, getting tired of my music stage, but then working on these mixes has made me remember all the rad music on my i-pod, not to mention all the cd's i can load once i finally move my stuff upstairs and all the way in (yeah it's been a year, i know.)

* i'm starting to get my pictures together for the classes i'm taking at scrapbowl and getting all those plans together too. it's all just making me more and more psyched!


Natalie said...

The hair is sexy. And also rad. You know I love funky fun hair.

And thanks for the reminder to get my act together for scrapbowl. I have much to do.

Next time, I'm coming to your class. Ok? Sweet.

Vee said...

love your new haircut, wahoo for losing some lbs :) I haven't done any of my homework for scrapbowl but it is about to be on once my camera gets here :) two weeks baby!! ;)

jasmine said...

I love your hair! I totally just cut mine yesterday. I want to dye my hair, too. I really want Kiki blonde!

John and I joined a gym and we haven't even really gone yet. I need to get in shape so bad, I've gained so much weight over this year. Two pounds is awesome!

sara berry said...

Love your hair...I am a non-blonde now, too! It has taken me about 3 weeks to get used to it but I like it. Congrats on your first class going well--I knew it would! I am looking forward to taking one from you so let me know if you are coming down this way! Also, can I Pa-Leeeze have a copy of the workout mix. I need to get my rear in gear and must have some motivation...please?

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan,
Class at Scraptasia was great,I had a good time and looking forward to your next one! It was great to meet you and Kristi!

See you next time,

michelle said...

love your new do! those ads are too cute! will keep my eyes out.