Wednesday, February 6, 2008

it's no tornado, but ugh!

my computer was struck by a killer virus of doom and i had to have it completely reconfigured to factory settings. : ( thank god i went on an anal retentive spazz fest a couple of months ago and reorganized and burned most of my photos to discs, but until i get home and look at them i won't really know what i burned and what i didn't. here's to hoping they all were burned other than october thru december, which i know i didn't burn, but are still on my camera.

i will miss you favorites, fun wallpapers, file full of hilarious texts and messages and file full of fave pieces by artists and layouts people have scrapped with me in them i will miss you most of all!

due to all this business, a fun post will have to wait until later tonight when i can re-load my camera software and see what is going on with my discs.

in the mean time if you sent me pictures between october and now, if i comment on your blog but you aren't linked to the right there or if you have scrapped me drop a line.

so not what i needed to have to deal with today when i should be doing inventory and then going home to pack for cha. : (


shahnnen said...

sad. i hate hate hate computer bullshit.

Siany said...

That totally sux. Im going thru a similar thing right now. I lost EVERYTHING, but then I found it - so all my pics and music are (PHEW!), but favourites etc... :( gone!
I can totally sympathise!

Vee said...

that sucks!! let me know what you need, I can send you whatever you need! ;)

Tina said...

that is a serious bummer. I need to get on burning my photos to disc. I would be devasted if I lost all my pics.