Thursday, February 7, 2008

make it work, son!

yeah, that's a combo of tim gunn and rob & big, haha. i totally feel like i'm on project runway this week! so much to do before i leave for cha saturday morning. i am working both days and my mum's birthday is tommorow so we are going out to dinner and then to see juno. and, it seems so silly, but i kind of feel like i've been hit by a bus with this whole complete computer re-write thing. it just doesn't feel like my laptop still and it's making easy-peasy things not so easy-peasy.

anyway, enough complaining because that's really not what i want to be doing. i am so lucky to have so much stuff going on and i'm looking forward to all of it. i just have to make it work, son!

anyway, here are some things that are making me happy these days;

* taking my little 100 calorie pack of teddy grahams to the movies
* putting together my next class at scraptasia
* using two of my new fave papers in that class, fifth avenue and tiffany's.
* scoring some really cute tops, jeans that actually fit right and 2 new pairs of fun shoes that i can be comfy and cute in at cha and scrapbowl.
* especially these red moccasins!
* the assignment for the next round of the fashionista search. it's a big one, but it's a really fun one! i can't wait to work on it between cha and scrapbowl!
* that colin almost cried, in a good way, when i gave him his book. and that he later texted me about something new he noticed and loved about it when he looked at it for the third or fourth time. : )
* how cute charlie looks on the season premiere of lost.

alright, back to inventorying the store. ::bleck::


michelle said...

good luck on the next assignment! rooting for you! very cool that he loved your book!
have fun at CHA!

Vee said...

have fun in cali and see ya in a week!!! I love Rob and Big, they crack me up son :)