Wednesday, February 27, 2008

kit-ertins are way different than kitt-ertins.

it's all in the number of t's. kitt-ertons would be these cuties over <--- here. whereas kit-ertins would be all the kits you see over ---> there in my newly updated etsy shop, left and leaving.

my little spot over at etsy has been neglected for a few months right now, so i spiffed it up with a new little banner and stocked it full of kits made up of fun things that deserve a better home than mine, somewhere they stand a chance of actually being crafted with. this is kind of an interim solution until i get around to creating all the things that are spinning around in my head at all times, especially when i am supposed to be sleeping, like board books, jotters full of miscellaneous paper, rad checkbook covers for cool kids and other such items.

also, don't forget there are still stamps available in the post below. take them off my hands so i stop glancing at them guiltily please, haha.


Bekka said...

You're too funny! I posted a video of some cute kitt-ertins on my blog today. :)

Heidi Joe said...

Love your kittertins! In my house, kittertins are called puddahs. Like Pooh-Dahs. No idea why. =) We don't have any puddahs anymore, but we still call them that.

I want some stamps!! If no one has bought the stem/vine or swallow,and maybe food friends... I would love them! Lemme know sistah. Talk soon.

Anonymous said...

your kittertins look a lot like my kittertins!! so cute!