Tuesday, February 26, 2008

stream lining like woah!

this is all embellishments and stuff that is going to the big scrapbook garage sale at mlpa on april 19th, save some for a friend of a friend who is just starting to scrapbook. i also have a yaffa block almost completely full of paper. i know i'm getting ready a little early, but i so had to just get all of it out of my way, plus that's a lot of stuff to price, so i'd rather do it over time. i was having trouble sitting down and actually making things because i had too much stuff, now i am free to scrap, and scrap i will!

while cleaning everything out i found my container full of old "stock" from my etsy store so i made some easter cards with some leftover stuff and sent all that to work with my mum for her to let people have a go at. at this point i just want it gone so that i can start fresh. so, i'm working on some things, re-doing the little shop banner and such and having another go at it. i'm also in the midst of a bit of craft collective creation to apply for one of my favorite juried craft shows, the art star craft bazaar. the deadline for applications isn't until march, so we have some time to figure it all out. it's been a nice little kick in the bumm for me though. i'm working on some fun little stuff to start over with. i might put some of the stuff from the garage sale containers into kits and sell them on my etsy at some point over the next few days. the less there is to individually price the better, right?

i also have some stamps that i'm looking to say goodbye to. i love them, but as they have never been used, it might be time to let them go to a happier home where they will be stamped with! y'know, if you love something let it go, haha. if you are interested in any of them comment with your e-mail address and which ones you are interested in, and i will send you an e-mail with your total + reasonable shipping (something like 1 t0 3 dollars depending on how many you would like to buy. the prices are as follows (as pictured, in rows from top left corner, down and then over.)all stamps are clear acrylic except for the fontwerks set;

* fontwerks spheres - $10
* chandelier & chain - $4 SOLD
* food friends(smiling cupcake, apple, mushroom & ice cream cone from a zingboom kit) - $5 SOLD
* sea squared - $3
* stem/vine - $5 SOLD
* smiling robot - $4 SOLD
* damask - $4 SOLD
* cherries - $3
* bot! - $4
* deer - $4 SOLD
* swallow - $3 SOLD
* turning japanese - $3

make sure you check the comments to see what other people have spoken for already before you let me know what you would like to buy, and i'll be sure to get them out asap.

i just finished watching the darjeeling limited, (love me some jason schwartzman!) and all the scenes inside the train were so gorgeous that i have to scrap now! i mean seriously? all those cool rich brocades and the stewards uniforms matching the train, so awesome.


ajadarak said...

you have so much great "stuff" I would be interested in the smiling robot...thanks! :c)


Natalie said...

So good to know about the MLPA sale. I need to jump on that this year. And I loved the Darjeeling Limited. Great inspo everywhere!

Anonymous said...

i too am going through a HUGE purge right now. I mean, although I have a big room, I don't need to fill it with stuff I don't need or use...
Those stamps are cute :)

Vee said...

i need to jump on that sale too, i have tons to sale. maybe a trip in the future :)

Anonymous said...

DUDE. Morgan. I want that deer. Like crazy. did anyone else ask for it yet?!?!? seriously, i'll out bid them. : )

Shelly Brewer said...

I love all the stuff you're selling...I want to come to the garage sale!! As for the stamps...you and I have the same taste...so I have most of them. I was hoping you would have that cute little deer from the zingboom kit a while ago.

Kelly said...

I am interested in the chandelier and damask

Unknown said...

Hi ! How do you call the huge one like leaves on a branch (between chandelier and cherries ?? I'd like to find one like this ! I adore ;-) Smooches !