Tuesday, March 18, 2008


as always;

* nyc to meet the brits ='ed an easy drive to dawn's in harlem, an excellent parallel parking job, fire escape photo shoots, subways, taxis, yummy pad thai at republic, fabulous ladies, 2 of the most awesome brits ever, drooling at anthropologie, silly 80's sunglasses in an adorable bag from free people and cutie kitties.

* watched august rush yesterday and ohmygosh! so great. you must all see it and make sure you are either alone, or with people you are comfortable outwardly sobbing in front of. i def went through some serious tissues! freddie highmore's little face just always, always, always makes my heart hurt, he's so cute and the relationship between these two? so melt-y!

* i am officially in a complete crafting slump! i have about a million of these cute little books and i want to make them into storybooks to sell on my etsy and i just can't seem to get the motivation to do it! a million inspiring things are swirling around in my head and i can't seem to get anything down, so frustrating! maybe i just need to sit down and make a couple of atc's or something to get a little of the overload out of my head and then i'll be able to scrap proper. think so?

* speaking of those little storybooks, does anyone have any scraps of fabric or gaffer tape that are at least 3 inches long? i want lots of different kinds without ending up with lots of extra and would be willing to send some rak-type-goodies in exchange. : )

* the big house re-do is majorly underway now and i've been doing some serious dreaming about my new bedroom, especially when it comes to the reading corner and art wall. i can not wait! i have spent a sizeable amount of time online today bookmarking all the lovelies that i would love to cover the wall with. i would love, love, love for the focal point of the "art wall" to be this curio shelf. i am totally in love with it at the moment. the test will be wether i'm still in love with it when i can actually afford it, haha. in the meantime i'm also drooling over this camilla engman print, this awesome print set by erin zam that i've been wanting forever and at some point in my life would like to ever be able to afford this giclee print by julie west, not to mention an original piece or two, ever.

* also i am way psyched that i get to go to ikea saturday! the downfall of that day is that we also have to go pick up all the flooring and materials ourselves afterwords so that they can sit in the house for at least 4 days before instillation. eek! at least that yuckiness will be cushioned by all the lovliness at ikea and hopefully scraptasia along the way as well.

* the return of jezebel james! so umm... parker posey & lauren ambrose in a show written by amy sherman-palladino & dan palladino of gilmore girls fame? what, what, what? i had heard nothing about it, watched it and i loved it! now if only we could get them to nix the cheesy laugh track, than it would be perfection!


michelle said...

OOhh.. so want to see August Rush. will have to netflix that. I'll send you some fabric and I'm sure I can muster up some gaffer tape. will send this weekend.

staceyfike said...

re: tape/fabric
got it!
email me.

Jodie said...

hey i have a ton of fabric scraps you can have.
no gaffer tape though only deco tape..
email me and i can get it to u tho babe!!
letmeknow what kinda fabrics u want..cosihave a ton seriously.

metrochic said...

1. need to see august rush.
2. yes, do some ATCs. it worked for me.
3. i too love that curio shelf!
4. mmm ikea.
5. the return of jezebel james! yay! love.

Jasmine said...

I was so amped for "The Return of Jezebel James" and I loved it so much! The laugh track was definitely ridiculous, though. I have a feeling it won't last very long because the ratings were shit, which is really upsetting. Fox didn't push it enough and made AS&DP do a bunch of things they didn't want to do. And then to put it out on a Friday night? What were they thinking?

quietly going mad... said...

That little jacket you have on in the picture is adorable! I have like 4 rolls of gaffer tape all black but different prints I am more then willing to share. I can bring them on the 4th if you want or whenever. Oh have fun at Ikea! Can't wait to see your area when you are done!

Natalie said...

Ohh you know I have fabric I can share. Call me later so we can discuss specifics.

And I listed on my blog today too. Lists rule my world.

amytangerine said...

scrap fabric? you are talking to the queen of scrap fabric. let's do a fun little swap!

Vee said...

i want to see august rush, your jacket is super cute!! ;)

Mandi Johnson said...

haha I hate those laugh tracks too! I haven't heard of that show either... must check it out!
P.S. the art you picked out looks really cute! Defiantely your style.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the return of jezebel james, but I LOVE parker posey and lauren ambrose! sounds great!
yes, ATC's or scraplift something! that should do the trick

Deanna G. said...

you have lots and lots of thoughts about design and crafties and art and music and it's rad! (me too). heh. i'm still tryna collect prints and random stuff for this one wall i have and i did the same -bookmarked a bunch of things i loved!

cool lists! i need to see aug. rush too but the netflix line is super long.

happy easter!