Saturday, March 15, 2008

a system of +'s & -'s...

... in relation to the past 7 days and the 3 still ahead of me.

+ meeting marykate at cryan's for drinks last saturday night
- having to have her talk me in because there were so many roads closed because of flooding that it took me about 50 minutes to get there.
+ laughing about it the whole time
+ the cute bartender who we call, rolled up sleeves, being there
+ me having the guts to sit at the bar by myself once marykate left
+/- minimal friendly chatter with cute bartender, whose actual name is justin
+ cute bartender being nice enough to walk me to my car when i left to make sure i got there safely
- no text back from said cute bartender
+ an interview for a patient services rep. position at the hospital monday morning
+ the really adorable interview outfit i got sunday night!
+ scoring an awesome deal on a really rad bronze sueded bolero/swingcoat that i am love with!
+ my monday night class at scraptasia went really well, as per usual. love that place!
- waiting all week for a call about the interview and still not hearing either way! : (
- a yucky, blah, poopy kind of stressful week.
+ the entire first season of dexter on netflix on demand.
+ moving on to all the seasons of american the office
+ talking to nattie lite a lot this week.
+ making cute little cards to send off with some stuff in the mail.
+ altering a little jotter to serves as my new directions book for the car.
- a stressful morning this morning.
+ dressing up in the aforementioned bolero/swingcoat, a really fun dark orange silk shirt& bronze flats to head to level 3 at melt tonight with some friends from forever ago & friends from now.
+ getting to visit with nicole while she is rockin' the downstairs bar.
+ heading to the city to meet kristina and dawn tommorow morning at dawn's new place in harlem, then meeting rhian and a bunch of ladies for lunch in union square
+ refusing to believe that it's actually going to snow and therefore simply not dressing for it.
+ saint patrick's day fun at cryan's or manion's monday night!
- still lusting after the teal patent francine coach bag.
2 x - not even being able to afford the wallet!


staceyfike said...

LOVE this post!!

give hugs to the girls for me....i'm so jealous of all you eastcoasters haging out all of the time AND getting to meet rhi!!

metrochic said...

i am also still lusting after the teal patent francine coach bag. we shall mourn it together, k? aww. RHI! and gi and bex and ... man, i am just as jealous as fike.

Vee said...

have fun!!!
awesome list :)

AnilĂș Magloire said...

Lots of really cool stuff to do on that list!
Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

oooh! "rolled up sleeves" sounds awesome! My girlfriend and I in college used to nickname all the guys.. "winks", "struts", "tevas with socks" b/c yes, he used to wear tevas with socks... oh, the good ol days.
isn't the office the BEST? Love that show, can't wait for it to start up again.

Natalie said...

Your list is the cutest thing ever. Minus some of those minus bullet points. Don't stress about the job...just learn from my last few weeks....good things come to those who wait!!

jenjock1 said...

dude. i am so jealous about this get together today. give rrhi and bex and yourself smooches for me, k? And I hope you hear about your job soon, that waiting is the WORST!

Mandi Johnson said...

hmmmm... you make me want to move to NYC. :)

Mandi Johnson said...

oh yeah and I tagged you on my blog.

michelle said...

I would never be able to sit at a bar by myself.. you are my new hero! crossing my fingers for your job!

Nicole Carro said...

You are too cute with your list - love it. Hope you had a great day on Sunday, and you looked fabulous in your ensemble on Saturday.

Tina said...

omg, I was drooling over that coach when I saw it in the window. I thought, hey maybe I can just get that super cute wallet. Walk in and turn the price tag over....gasp. Tried to play it cool and walk back out like I wasn't really that interested, not like I was broker than a joke and couldn't afford it. ;P oh well.
and as cute as they can be, just say no to bartenders.

Kate O'Brien said...

you lucky lucky gal! getting to talk to and hang out with some of my favorite scrappers in all the land, yourself included! :)

hope your week is fabulous!

Ali said...

hmmm awesome list- lovin the idea!! sounds like youve had an interesting few days, pity about 'rolled up sleeves'...chow.

michelle raMirez said...

hey girl.
thanks for the sweet thoughts for my family!!!
and Dexter...the best!
sending cute bartender boyfriend material vibes your way.