Monday, April 14, 2008

rock me.

concert poster mosaic

1. white stripes 2. wilco 3. the weakerthans 4. spoon 5. wilco 6. yo la tengo 7. rogue wave 8. cat power 9. ray lamontagne 10. neko case 11. the new pornographers 12. belle and sebastian 14. tv on the radio 15. modest mouse 16. band of horses 17. broken social scene 18. death cab for cutie 19. ben gibbard 20. the von bodies 21. rilo kiley 22. arcade fire 23. el hijo 24. surefire 25. 30 seconds to mars 26. nada surf 27. nicole atkins 28. bright eyes 29. sufjan stevens 30. minus the bear 31. ladytron 32. elsie's concert poster 33. orange twin night 34. a stitch up 35. death cab for cutie 36. a stitch up

loving the concert poster inspiration that's out there, and totally needing some new music inspiration. it's windows down cruising to music weather and i need some fresh new music! i am looking forward to
the new death cab for cutie and some new mates of state hotness. mates of state are just total spring/early summer jams for me, they've got that breath of fresh air thing going on, y'know?

what are you loving lately? what new bands are you digging? what old faves can you totally not live without? anyway loves, who's got some new music for me? post something i have to listen to or trade mixes with me!


michelle said...

hmm.. well I am totally behind on the music scene, but I love Amy Winehouse.. Can't get enough.

Ali said...

got the latest Chicane album for my boyfriend b'day- Somersault, love it!! Also an old time fav- Bryan Adams.....his latest album '11'- another goodie!

those concert posters are awesome!!

Heidi Joe said...

Um hello we were gonna trade mixes forever ago whatsupwiththathuh? Just kidding. I've been in a 60s-70s singer-songwriter groove lately. Joni Mitchell. Among others. Can't wat for the new Death Cab!

CandiMandi said...

I have to represent and have to throw out a local band:
the Bears

check them out on itunes.
But if that's not your cup of tea, try Oh no oh my

Or the Dodos.
And that's all I got right now.
good luck!
I'm in need of some new music too... so you should definately post your findings.

oranginadreams said...

hey there! I have been off blogland lately. I love your room!!
I will totally send you some music. My faves are The Weepies, Gomez,The Frames. The new Nada Surf cd is really good, and the Kooks are cool too!


Tina said...

death cabs got a new cd coming out?? awesome. I've been listening to a lot of them. Downloaded Adele over the weekend but I'm not sure that you're taste. I listen to Pandora radio while I'm work so I get a lot of variety there.

Nicole Carro said...

Um, seriously going through a phase of listening to old, very old Melissa Etheridge albums on my ipod. I know you think I'm crazy but Melissa's lyrics are pure poetry.

The DCG. said...

i usually go to heidi's blog and listen to her playlist :)

Aimee said...

i just realized all the songs on my ipod are totally played out! i need new music too-any suggestions? i'm open to anything :)

Anonymous said...

i like alot of the same bands you got up there, and im also a huge fan of stars. Also you may want to try the postal service and the yeah yeah yeahs. but definatly try stars

also i was wondering where do you get your posters from? iv been on a poster hunt latley with little luck with band posters