Wednesday, April 9, 2008

you are a head liz lemon.

top 5 jobs i wish i had been told were possible by my college & career counseler in high school:

01. music director (putting together soundtracks for tv shows & movies)
02. packaging designer
03. creative director (putting together collections and lines, preferably scrapbooking related)
04. label exec (preferably a small label. it seriously never occured to me that a business degree could lead to job that i wouldn't find completely boring.)
05. marketing (i kid you not, never came up as an option.)

i'm still looking for a job that doesn't make me want to claw my eyes out and at this point i'm exploring a ton of options and finding that it might just be a matter of coming up with the right combination of smaller jobs.

sometimes i really wish i could go back to high school knowing what i know now. i really don't think i had any idea what options were really out ther for me, or what you needed to do to get to the types of jobs that i thought were really cool. it just never occured to me that i could have them.

who knows, there could still be something around the corner.


Anonymous said...

word. i too am in the endless pit of hell that is known as the job search. i have several college degrees (seriously, i had 3 majors in undergrad, several emphases and 2 foci in grad school) but i couldnt have gotten more useless degrees. sweet. or i don't want the jobs that i am qualified for. ah, yes. thanks college.

Heidi Joe said...

Sometimes I wonder why I went to college and got my degree because I don't use it and never planned to. This is my big dark secret. (Hello world.) So I get the whole "going back knowing what I know now" thing, major.

Anyway, something amazing is riiiight around the corner waiting to introduce itself to you. I can feel it!

Aimee said...

omg! i know exactly how you feel! artsy jobs were always frowned upon. it was like do you want to be a nurse, teacher or admin assistant. grrrr. i hope a cool outside the box job finds you :)

Nicole Carro said...

You will find what you LOVE to do. And Micky hands are pretty much the coolest thing ever - for real.

Ali said...

omg. i know the feeling. i wish i knew back then. i did a pr/journalism degree and am working at a PR finding it lacks creativity- 5 months out of uni- arghh where do i go from here???

thanks for letting me know im NOT alone! hope your search is better than mine!

CandiMandi said...

I know what you mean! That is why I am still in college with two years to go. The price I pay for deciding to persue what I want to do!

Kate O'Brien said...

oh good god i so wish i could go back to high school with the life knowledge i now have as well. i hope you find a job that makes you HAPPY!

have a great weekend miss morgan! :)

Jodie said...

oh totally agree, i often think the same, when i was at school and college i really had no idea either, and now i wish i had done this, or that at school to get a better. more suitable job.

hmm i hope career advisors of the future are a bit better at

michelle said...

I could only imagine going back knowing what I know now. How crazy would that be? I would have definitely done better in high school so someone would pay my way to college...