Thursday, April 24, 2008

kit madness!

i know i know... i was most defenitly burned by poppy ink, but i just can't help myself, i've fallen back in love with kit clubs!

i have had an awesome experience with the first month of a two month guest dt spot at an awesome kit club, but am not sure wether i'm allowed to spill the beans yet! let's just say the may kit was totally yummy to play with, hehe.

i'm already stalking my mailbox for the april kit, "hand-picked", from studio calico. the mix of all that rad sei and sassafras lass with a little touch of american crafts? genius! and i know that i can totally cut my own woodgrain alphabets with the cricut, but i just love sassafras'! after seeing the kit in person while scrapping at nicole's last night i am totally dieing to get my little scrappy hands on it! especially those sei epoxies!

then i went ahead and caved to a 3 month sub at scarlet lime, and nabbed a couple of must-have stamps in their stamp/paper kit sale while i was at it. they always have the most killer universal use type stamps and they are def one of those kit clubs that puts stuff together that just gels in the most lovely way!

and let's talk about some drool-worthy sneak peaks... umm hello story of my life! sara you are killing me with little peeky! i want to see more!

alright, i'm off to work on the wedding part of the layouts i'm doing for kelly. does anyone else find wedding layouts way daunting? i feel like they need to be way traditional because that's the kind of wedding it was. plus, it's just a lot of pressure scrapping someone else's wedding! i know she already has the photographers wedding album so that takes a little bit of the pressure off, plus i know she will love whatever i do...but still! eek! especially since the wedding was so gorgeous and in this amazing church in new orleans that isn't there anymore. no pressure, y'know? blergh!


Anilu Magloire said...

OMG!! Please tell me where you got those October Afternoon papers you used on your banner. Pretty please???

I am also LOVIN' Studio Calico's kits. They are so very yummy!

sara berry said...

I LOVE the banner! I need to get you to make me one--mine is pretty boring. Thanks for the plug--you were my VERY FIRST customer--remember? I haven't forgotten that and when I take over the world you will have to be my brain-trust! J/K but not really! Miss you! ♥S

Natalie said...

You're making me want a kit so bad. Especially since at this point in time all I have to scrap wtih is two old photos, my tombo, and some random labels. Lame, i know. Can't wait to plan the road trip. Happy friday friend.

CandiMandi said...

Dude my wedding photographer is a friend of the family, so we got ALL our pics on DVD. Talk about pressure. I wanted to scrap them ALL but I found that I really didn't enjoy doing it because I felt like they needed to be timeless... and I'm not very good at timeless!
Oh and by the way, that woodgrain dymo tape was my dad's from like the 70s (he had a huge drawer full of it, so he gave me some.)
But if you can't find it on ebay or somewhere, I could def send you some in the mail cuz the drawer runneth over!

Tina said...

yay, even though my wedding was very non-traditional, I still haven't scrapped it. I can't wait to hear what kit your guest dting for! Have a great weekend. :)

Aimee said...

congrats on the guest dt spot :) i'm trying to get back into kits too. i let mine pile up but now i've used them all so that's my excuse to buy more!