Friday, April 25, 2008


* i actually bought two cd's; "elephant shell" by tokyo police club & "when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold" by atmosphere. yes, that is the best album title ever.

* i'm using my new black, yellow & cream purse and rocking my huge, mustard yellow sunglasses.

* i am also rocking my "tough girl" hair-do! haha, gotta love the pouf & ponytail combo! especially when combined with big earrings and lots of eyeliner for the full look.

* i think i might be a spam-bot because i can never type those word verification thing-ers correctly.

* i'm heading to trish's to scrapbook after work with a 6 of blue moon in hand.

* i ordered awesome shoes, a cute vest that ties shut with ribbon, woodgrain sunglasses & a coral and teal necklace from delia*s with my leftover christmas merch credit. yay! now i just need to make fun plans and have places to wear these cute things.

* i am in love with train conducter/railroad type stripes like the old osh kosh overalls from when we were little and need to find it in a pair of pants, stat.

* i'm working on fun mixes for some rad ladies!


Vee said...

those converse are adorable!! yay for new threads :)

shahnnen said...

the atmosphere album = soooo good. it's different. going to see them on the 12th.

cute vest? sounds like a portland article of clothling. that's a place to wear a cute thing.

j crew has cute train conductor pants.

Jodie said...

haha i think im a spam bot too i have to always do them like 3 times..
those shoes are so so adorable. wow you guys get all the cool stuff over there, and i love delias, tell them to open a store in oz lol


CandiMandi said...

you are an enabler. I just downloaded a butt load of musica.

And I am so glad cause I needed it!

*fauve* said...

Owwwww these shoe's are to die for!<3 them girl!xoxo

Lu said...


michelle said...

those shoes are cute as hell! never heard of atmosphere, but that title does rock. have fun making those plans to wear your cute ass shit at..

kim brimhall said...

oh my! i love those shoes!!! neeeed those shoes! thanks for the kind words on my tryin so hard to get myself together...just got handed some "busy" work so im gonna need to be organized!! cross your fingers for me:)


BR@NDY said...

Um...the chucks are so flippin cute! I predict overalls will make a come back next season!

oranginadreams said...

lol - those spam word things are so annoying! I always get them wrong too!
still thinking of a theme for our mix - I'm so bad at those. Will email you soon!