Thursday, May 1, 2008

who wants to make me a cupcake?!?!?

for the following reasons;

* my last day at pieces of time was tuesday and even though i was way sickie we had a little celebration dinner with some of my scrap ladies after.

* my first day at scraptasia was super nice and relazed, such a nice enviornment! can't wait to get in there tommorow and saturday to help out with the sale! i've got some really cute classes coming up this month, and some more ideas, as dawn puts it, "in the pipe line." can't wait to have some more playtime there!

* i'm joining up with some really rad ladies and scrapping for cupcake scrapshop for may and june! you can see my fun new bio here and the gallery right here. i had lots of fun with this kit and colleen def finds the raddest ribbons and trims ever!

* i'm starting to feel better! i've been so sick since monday... ugh! but i am starting to feel better. yay!

anyway, so as you can read on my cupcake scrapshop profile, i would like those cupcakes to be funfetti please, i'm totally popsicled out!


Shari said...

Hi Morgan!
Welcome to Scraptasia!!! It's a great place to work!! Lot's of fun! I am looking forward to working with you on Saturday!

Congrats on the Cupcake spot!! I love their kits.

Feel Better!

Nicole Carro said...

Dude, your bio totally cracks me up and so true - basically you in a nutshell. Love your gallery!

BR@NDY said...

I'll even throw in the cupcake stand. shoooot.

Sandrine Deleuze said...

I'm happy you're feeling better (it's my turn to be sick !) I soooo love your blog ! And I'd love to cook you cupcakes ;-) Smooches from Belgium !

michelle said...

wow! congrats! LOVE your gallery!

Kate O'Brien said...

love your stuff for cupcake scrapshop.

glad the new job is going well and glad you are feeling better!

oranginadreams said...

yay for DT's!! Congrats - love your gallery!

Vee said...

congrats girl!! off to read your info :)