Saturday, August 23, 2008

an early boo!

yay! maya road came and i got to make my class sample last night! it's filled with all my fave halloween papers from cosmo cricket, making memories, that one glitz paper (haha) and scenic route. i love the pop-up book feel with the wired bats flying out of the chimney and the monster arms reaching out!!! sorry, but i'm pretty psyched on this one, can't wait to teach it!
alright, i'm off to try to figure out wether i'm going to force myself to get into the shower before i head out tonight of if i just go with the ponytail.


Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I got into this class Morgan--the book is SO cool!


Yasmeen said...

LOVE IT....can't wait for class!

sara berry said...

Holy Bats! That is such a cool looking book!!!! I wish I could take a class from you! Come to VA!

Greta Adams said...

love your halloween is tooo fab!!

**i followed you from rhi's blog**
i always am crious when folks find me so i like to let others know when i find them through blog hopping

happy wednesday