Monday, August 25, 2008

... and an even earlier christmas!

i fell in love with this little hero sparkle clear set at cha and was really psyched that it was one of their give-aways. i'm even more psyched that as our holiday paper is filtering in i got to take some time to play with it today. the paper is american crafts and i stamped it with brilliance dew drops (gotta love that shimmer!) in "rocket red" & "gamma green" love how those colors just happened to work out to be so space-y and robot appropriate, haha. yeah, i am a nerd-o!

sooooooo last night i played with a little bit of sassafras and a ton of the basic grey "ambrosia" and came up with 5 layouts for next month's layout class. i so can't wait to teach them. i drew inspiration from some of my past layouts and came up with a a new trick or two and i think they're really rad. it's pretty challenging teaching layout classes. layouts are so personal and it's can be hard to come up with layouts that are my style, but could be used for anything. i really dig how next months class samples turned out, i think i managed to bridge the gap and i really can't wait to share them with people!

i just realized today how out of the loop i am on the new tv season that's coming up! as we speak, kinda, i'm watching gossip girls' season 1 finale and i know that season 2 starts on the 9th or something...(?) and i just spotted a preview for the new antm, but i haven't read any of the new fall preview magazines! when are all the networks starting their new seasons? are there any new shows i need to check out? what's the deal with lost and heroes? what are y'all psyched on? what do i need to watch? help!

anyway, i'm finishing my gossip girl, playing with some paper & stamps and then heading to bed, where i get to sleep late, lazily get ready and then head to the beach for the afternoon/night. you know you love me. xoxo morgan girl (haha)


I am... said...

ooooh i NEED that robot stamp how cute is it!!

hey check my bloggy for an award thing of sorts.


Anonymous said...

Gossip Girl starts on Sept 1!!! That's like, next week. You don't want to miss it. I'll be watching ANTM (Sept 3rd), The Office, Heroes, Lost, but I have no idea when they start.
Have you seen previews for The Fringe. It sounds so good, but I don't even know what it's about!!

Vee said...

you are rocking the cards girl! :)