Thursday, March 12, 2009

... and monsters?

... and monsters?
a miss morgan mix

01. "fake palindromes" by andrew bird
02. "furr" by blitzen trappers
03. "no one does it like you" by department of eagles
04. "fine" by james
05. "creature fear" by bon iver
06. "is there a ghost" by band of horses
07. "wolf like me" by tv on the radio
08. "through the roof 'n' underground" by gogol bordello
09. "icky thump" by the white stripes
10. "ghost in the trees" by three oh sees
11. "the man of metropolis steals our hearts" 
                by sufjan stevens
12. "the w.a.n.d." by the flaming lips
13. "cartoon music for superheroes" 
                by albert hammond jr.

this whole mix came into being because i love that line in the andrew bird song, "... and monsters?" and i started noticing all these songs that i love that are about creepy and/or pretend things. so, obvs they all had to go into one mix.


jen renee said...

oh my gosh, i've loved reading through your playlists so much. i sooo get you on this one.

Nicole Carlin said...

Ooooooooooooooh! Morgan! How I love thee?? Can't wait to see you in the summer and scrap. I think I'll be in Philly in July and August

Rhi said...

i want them to have wolf like me in the new moon film.
i adore that song so much.

{Hilary} said...

keep it up girl.
i love your mixes.