Tuesday, March 10, 2009

current crushes.

current crushes
a miss morgan mix

01. "hard to live in the city" albert hammond jr.
02. "politics, music and drugs" slowreader
03. "live your life" t.i. featuring rihanna
04. "fans" kings of leon
05. "liar, liar" a fine frenzy
06. "maps" rogue wave
07. "never had nobody like you" m. ward
08. "i'm yours" jason mraz
09. "foundations" kate nash
10. "the comeback" the shout out louds
11. "thing's i'll do" northern state
12. "a pillar of salt" the thermals
13. "noi boi" the velvet teen
14. "tightrope" yeasayer
15. "cick, click, click, click" bishop allen

update: i brought my mom home from the hospital yesterday, and things are looking better. still stressing, but trying not to. why do the little things love to pile on when there's a big stress? what's that about?

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