Sunday, March 8, 2009

plaid at heart

plaid at heart
a.k.a. morgan hearts mountain men
a miss morgan mix

01. "portland oregon" by loretta lynn & jack white
02. "oh my sweet carolina" by ryan adams
03. "acid tongue" by jenny lewis
04. "ballad of bird love" by blitzen trapper
05. "red and purple" by the dodos
06. "plans" by band of horses
07. "mykonos" by fleet foxes
08. "to go home" by m. ward
09. "the ballad of sean foley" by maria taylor
10. "blood bank" by bon iver
11. "one big holiday" by my morning jacket
12. "sausalito" by conor oberst

p.s. today morgan is thankful for post queues because without them, there would be no post today!

please send out any prayers, happy thoughts, or whatever else you believe in, out into the world for my mom today. things are looking better, but we're still here at the hospital.


Kristi said...

dude, is that my anthro picture on your blog header?? weird.

shelly b said...

this is my favorite list yet. maybe i like a mountain man too.

shahnnen said...

send your moms some loves from me. xoxo- s

Tina said...

morgan heats mountain men...god that's so funny. love it and I'm loving your mixes. sending prayers to you mom. :)