Saturday, July 18, 2009

cozy corner.

i've re-discovered the coziness that is my bedroom and all it took was a silly looking chair from target. i've been spending more time up there recently, reading & watching a movie or tv on dvd. i've just started watching seas one of the tudors and i can't tell if i'm going to like it or not. thoughts? i was re-watching all the season of buffy so i could start reading the comics that pick up where the last season ended, but i haven't made it back into borders for season 5 yet. summer tv is just so lame, other than weeds & true blood of course and there is dexter to look forward to. guilty pleasures like daisy of love (which is almost over and i am in love with london) and degrassi also help me through .  i like to watch something to relax before bed and there is only so much deadliest catch left to watch on my dvr, although i must confess that next time they do a whale wars marathon i'm dvr-ing for sure.. 

so i'm looking to anyone out there who may still actually be reading this blog, what tv series should i be watching on dvd? and what books should i be reading for that matter?  there are only so many sookie stackhouse books and i'm almost out. then it's on to finish sex drugs and cocoa puffs before i move on to collapse and pride and prejudice, which i feel obligated to read before i check out the zombie version, haha. then. my book reading dance card it open after that. suggestions?


Anonymous said...

zombie version of P&P??? I'm rewatching Buffy too! Since I don't have cable, the only show I am watching this summer is SYTYCD. But as for book... I was given "We Have Always Lived In The Castle" which I havent's started yet, but it's supposed to be amazing. I'm reading Breakfast at Tiffany's, anything by Sarah Dessen is good also.

Unknown said...

i'm watching Mad Men right now. it's so good. i accidentally picked up on it in season 2 - watched all of season 2 and then bought season 1. #3 is coming out soon. it's hella-tight.

books? idk. i know pushing daisies comic should be/is out there somewhere. i'm reading 1984 and then it's on to (no lie) war and peace.

alissa just read a series: city of bones, city of ashes, city of glass

those were the books - i have no other information other than that & she really really liked them.

Jenn said...

As far as TV shows I always go back to Gilmore Girls and House. The only show I watch now is True Blood.

As far as books, if you like the Sookie Stackhouse books you might also like The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. If not, I love Wicked by Gregory Maguire and his other books.


Amy said...

i just started DVRing nyc prep and it kills me. im obsessed. i also watch la ink, weeds, and the secret life of the american teenager.

what a weird combo of shows.

Rhi said...

um. do i need to type supernatural, or does my clear tumblr obsession with jared padalecki answer for me?
really though. its like a 20 somethings xfiles, with a hot car, hot boys, and old school american rock. season 5 comes out sept 10th, and i can hardly bare it.

jasmine said...

I watched the first season of Big Love and kind of loved it. We finally got the second season so I can start in on that. John said he liked Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which I'll get into next.

As for books, Mishna Wolff's book (I'm pretty sure that's her name!) "I'm Down" was hilar. Mostly because I sort of grew up the same way, but I think it'd be funny for anyone!

Erin said...

Stick with The Tudors--it's twisted but compelling, and pretty sexy.

Heidi Joe said...

I still read your blog and love it so!

I think you should try Mad Men!