Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 things i'm lovin' on right about now-ish...

1. the 500 days of summer soundtrack - this finally came out today, and it's just making me more and more excited for the movie. the opening voiceover is beyond adorable and i fell in love with "sweet disposition" by the temper trap as soon as i saw the first preview and i'm pretty excited to finally have it in my musical posession, mix completely built around it soon to come.

2. dark, smoky grey patent leather anything - i grabbed these peep toes at old navy, and if they are comfy enough i'll have to go back for the eggplant ones too. i'm also wearing this same shade of grey on my nails non-stop these days.

3. rupert grint - we've been re-watching all the harry potter movies and i have to say that in the earlier ones especially, ron's facial expresisions and cracking voice totally make the movies for me. and then in the last couple, he's gotten pretty cute in his own awkwardly kinda hot way! i think kerry totally called my ginger loving stage when i was in austin. i've never been into the ginger boys before, but i think i'm there. haha.

4. "the boyfriend" line - cosmo cricket posted their 3 new lines on their blog today and i have fallen in love with "the boyfriend" line.  i choose to not be annoyed by the fact that girl paper is always shoes & shopping, and instead embrace how stoked i am on the pumpkin orange mix tape paper & all the accessories from the line, especially the chip shapes, which include bikes, a boom box, mix tapes, an old school video game joystick, a polaroid and about 20 other fun shapes i'm dying to play with!

5. nicole! - i'm always psyched on nicole, she's one of my top 5 favorite people in the world, but i'm especially psyched on the fact that she is in philly for the summer (she has mostly ditched us americans for the rest of the world by way of england) and tomorrow we are meeting up for the first time since she's been back! gianna's (philly's best vegan grille) for lunch and catch up squee-ing before my hair appointment. i also get to have dinner with miss ashley sue & my hair is muchly in need of this appointment, so it's going to be an all around exciting day.

6. "stencil me in" by marthe le van - spotted this book and had to have it. my friend colin makes amazing stencils for street art and fine street art canvases and i've always had ideas for them but have not really gotten a handle on them yet. this books seems to have all the info i'll need for what paints to use on what surfaces and tons of ideas, plus 20+ stencils in a little pouch on the back cover, most of which are pretty rad. plus i got it 50% off, so you really can't beat that.

7. a 2nd austin trip! - southwest had another awesome 48 hour fare special so i got a hold of kerry and booked it! i'm officially headed back to my new favorite city to further explore and hang out with kerry & allen in mid-october! i can't wait to re-visit a few places, check out some new ones & find some awesome shows & events as the date gets closer. plus, i'll be arriving right after kerry's birthday, which means it's her turn for an all out celebration!

8. basic grey kid stamps - i'm really into the 2 random little tim burton/edward gorey-esque creepy kid stamp sets that are in basic grey's gamma stamp series. i want to sit down and experiment with them a bit, maybe some dark circles under their eyes, a la gashlycrumb tinies. they just look so startled and awkward, i love it.

9. the diana+ instant back - i know it's kind of cheating the magic of shooting actual film, but with a camera with so many possible effects like the diana+ it would be a big plus, hehe, for me to be able to almost instantly see the image so i could really learn how to get the style of shots i want, training wheels of sorts. this guy snaps onto the back of your diana+ and shoots onto fujifilm instax mini for your immediate enjoyment. for sure lusting after this.

10. all things stackhouse -  if you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook, i'm sorry. i'm going through a sookie stage and it's beyond crazy. i'm hooked on "true blood", reading the book series the show is based on and keeping up on the bon temps gossip on twitter. i'm even dreaming it, so that really can't be a good sign.


Rhi said...

best entry, ever.
i just ordered the 500 days album because of you <3

jen geigley said...

me too! (i 100% trust your music recommendations.)

Vee said...

omg, loving the boyfriend line too! I can't wait to see it @ CHA! I am off to look at it on their site. Can't wait to see you, it's been a year right?!