Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 things for now.

01. my diana+ camera rig - i caved on the instant back, and as long as i was already buying, i also bought the flash and fisheye lens, oops! i have to say though, i love my diana so much more right now! it takes some practice to get those classic diana style, dreamy shots so i'm looking at the instant back (fuji instax actually) as my training wheels. i'll use it until i get a handle on what settings and exposure lengths get all the affects i want, and for parties of course! we went instax crazy at k's birthday soiree, as evidenced by the 40ish shots lining her mirror, and it was perfection!

02. tattered angels "marshmallow" glimmer mist - there aren't even words to describe how much i'm crushing on this limited edition color, mostly i just drool over it. seriously, i dare you to shake it up, spray it on some chipboard and not fall head over heels for it's perfect snowy color & shimmer! i can't wait to go on a spraying rampage when the new mini chipboard snowflakes from maya road arrive!

03. "time to die" by the dodos - i am beyond ready for it to cool down already! airy, dreamy music like the tracks on the dodos' brand new album are for open car windows, zooming down the highway late at night, breezy hillside reading and bright days when the heat has finally broken. so, can this heat please break already? "fables" which is getting the heaviest pandora and sirius xmu play, made it's way onto my dare mix, and it's a good one to start with.

04. anthro's bold boutonniere dress - this one is high up on anthropologie wish list. i'm stalking it on the daily, hoping to be there at just the right time when it goes on sale. the mustard & plum stripes are killing me! hopefully is just as gorgeous in person. we'll see today when nat & i make a trip to short hills for american apparel and for me to check on this slate & sun jacket.

o5. eric northman - i know i've already blogged about my complete "true blood" obsession, and the fact that eric is my favorite part of the sookie stackhouse books, but the whole eric/godric story arc that just ended was completely ridic in the best of ways! loved little unassuming looking godric and his almost accent. loved the origin story of eric's transformation, and i always love eric's sassiness. you all must know by now that i'm a sucker for a guy with that classic troublemaker half smile!

06. get up kids tickets - seriously, what person my approximate age didn't at least fall a little bit in love to the sounds of the get up kid's "something to write home about"? the get up kids hold a special little piece of my nostalgic heart and they're on tour! so, obvs, kristina's birthday present had to be tickets for us to go see them in november at my favorite venue in philly, the trocadero (troc) already have late 90's emo throwback outfit planned.

07. photobooths - i can't get enough of them! they have to be the real deal, 4 photos on a textured paper strip for me to be fully in love, but like anyone else, i'll take a cheap knock off in a pinch. we found a couple along our celebration route last saturday, my favorite being the one that produced that photo strip over there <- b&w, crisp and yummy! if i ever randomly strike it rich, first purchase will be 2 photobooths (2nd will be a mega touch machine, duh!)

08. nat, vee & k visiting - seriously? i can not wait for the summer time version of that popsicle pups picture over there to happen! natalie is home from taiwan for a couple weeks and she's headed up to meet me here at work as i type! then, kristina and that precious pup, chloe rose, will head over from ny post-rush hour and vee follows close behind tomorrow morning. much catching up and fun to be had. i can't wait to be surrounded by a large portion of some of my favorite ladies in the world!

09. where the wild things are - i was super excited/incredulous about the release of this movie, but when the first trailer came out i got excited, and then... when the new extended trailer came out i freaked the heck out! it makes me tear up, love "the arcade fire" even more, which i didn't think was possible" and dance around like a total crazy lady. check it out, fall in love with it, go win us some tickets to the premiere k thx.

10. scarlett - luckily 80's/9o's cartoons were pretty good about supplying us gingers with some cool redheads like april o'neill, daphne & ariel, but my favorite cartoon ginger was  scarlett, she was kick butt, in command and super cool. i was not so sure about this "g.i.joe rise of cobra" thing, the previews made it look so cheesy, but i went to see it wednesday by myself (with coffee & animal crackers) and looooooved it. scarlett was totally awesome and the cheese was kept to a total minimum. it's a definite summer must see, and i might even go see it again myself.


Vee said...

have fun shopping! can't wait to see you all tomorrow! be up bitches, eta: 8-9amish

Anilu Magloire said...

How great was Eric's face while Sookie was sucking out the bullets?!?!?!?

Christina C. said...

I love your lists. I really need to finish my latest roll on my Diana. I think it's been there since January... oops.

I am... said...

this little heart has a spot, always for the get up kids :)
I saw them once, they were awesome, I hope they come back here!
have fun at the concert!!