Monday, August 17, 2009

house party hopes 3:bklyn birthday edition

i journeyed to brooklyn via nj transit, the path, my footsies and 2 subways trains for kristina's birthday celabration and it was total perfection. (and totally worth the trains to not have a repeat of my hulking out at people pre and post holland tunnel like last time.)

aaaaaaanyway, obvs i had to make her a mix for the occasion, and here it is;

house party hopes 3: bklyn birthday edition

01. "better things" by passion pit
02. "it don't move me" by peter bjorn and john
03. "1901" by phoenix
04. "creator" by santogold
05. "a pillar of salt" by the thermals
06. "the underdog" by spoon
07. "kiss with a fist" by florence & the machine
08. "u.r.a. fever" by the kills
09. "in the hospital" by friendly fires
10. "i'm good, i'm gone" by lykke li
11. "electric feel" by mgmt
12. "jealous lovers" by tiger! tiger!
13. "shadows of the night" pat benatar

shorter than my usual mixes, but their was a time crunch involved. there will be a v2.0 and it will have to include "disturbia" and "out of my dreams (and into my car" which k and i were belting at the top of our lungs the whole way to coffee the morning after. love that girl.


Vanessa said...

great mix! love all those songs!

Mandi said...

K, first of all, love most of those songs, but second of all... is it sad that I know the photostrip is laying on an Anthro catalog?

I am... said...

I love your mixes always.
well maybe not all the songs, but most, and i just love that everything has a soundtrack in your life <3