Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 places to be inspired by, and collaborate with...

matthew gray gubler -  you may know him as the grandpa cardi wearing, adorably awkward dr. spencer reid on criminal minds or the intern from the life aquatic with steve zissou, but he also runs an awesome website called gublerland. gublerland is a faraway place where you can see matthew gray gubler's drawings, photos, movies  and even listen to him read edgar allen poe or sing the cheers theme song on "gube radio." recently he has opened the gublerland immigration teepee where you can download a blank passport and fill it in yourself to become a gubloid; a citizen of gublerland. i just filled mine out today with the help of some glimmer mist & my complete inability to draw. regardless of all that, it was really fun to do and helped me remember to not let myself take creativity too seriously.

rainn wilson - so, rainn wilson obviously has more to bestow upon us than schrute-bucks and tiger striped spandex a la "the rocker". he also runs a collective style website called soulpancake. he does the best job of explaing it in this here video, but the main gist of things = a place for questions, discussions and challenges or, as rainn wilson puts it, a place to "chew on life's big questions." i can already see the creative challenges making their way into a scrapbook of their very own sometime soon, my favorites so far include, "sketchify your soul," "control freak" & peace on a post-it." i can't wait to start playing along on these.

joseph gordon-levitt - it's been a while since 3rd rock from the sun and lately jgl has been making me drool in brick, 500 days of summer & even during a teeny-tiny appearance in the brothers bloom. he also goes by regularJOE on his website, which encourages collaboration and remixing between artists of all mediums; film, music, drawing & all the in-betweens. the forums seems to be full of ideas and opportunities to share all forms of creativity once you sign up and there are a ton of amazing pieces to look at. i will confess that this is the site i find the most daunting to jump into, but what better way than to just go to it, right? 


Anonymous said...

Yay for Joseph Gordon Levitt - you gotta love a person with three names AND he was absolutely adorable in 10 Things.... So cute! And Gray Gubler went to my high school :)


Eilish said...

I love Matthew Gray Gubler, I just made a passport as well....i still need to draw a portrait though :]

I can't wait to see (500) days of summer, Matthew is in it as well as Joseph :]