Friday, August 14, 2009

i triple dog dare you!

the super rad dare girls invited me to be a "guest effer" about a month and a half a go and as soon as jen e-mailed me to see if i would do a mix/playlist dare, i was super in! i feel so lucky to get to join these super inspiring ladies for dare 145! i also love that i got to play with the cosmo cricket "boyfriend" collection i snagged at cha because i knew it had to be used on my dare layout as soon as i saw the preview on their blog. i can't wait 'til we get this in the store!

so... i obviously love making mixes, and almost always have at least one floating around in my head. all it takes is hearing a couple of songs that i think will sound great back to back, catching a lyric that reminds me of a recurring theme  or knowing i'm heading somewhere that just needs a soundtrack and i'm off to itunes putting together another mix. this one started when i heard the song, "sweet disposition" by the temper trap in the 500 days of summer preview, it just sounds so breezy, but exciting at the same time. totally fell in love with it and had to build an entire mix around it. so, here it is, songs to spin on a breeze; bike with no hands, roll down the car windows, find a breezy field somewhere and lay in it. whatever it takes to refresh!

so, i don't care wether you scrapbook or not, make a mix and then put together some killer cover art, dig up an old mix tape and art journal about it, or go at it all scrappy and scrap the event, the track list or the memories! just go do it already! (and then don't forget to post a link to it on the comments section of the dare post so we can check them out!)

and because we're sharing playlists, i'll leave you with a layout from last summer, when i first scrapbooked a playlist; the first "house party hopes" mix i ever made, i have since done an austin edition and am currently working on a brooklyn birthday edition for someone who holds a super rad place in my heart. shhh it's a surprise!

miss morgan's house party hopes

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Mandi said...

geez louise, I love these. :)