Friday, September 11, 2009

friday five #01

since i love doing list entries so much and sometimes get blog stumped, i thought it might be a good idea to do an entry every friday with things i'm loving at the moment. so, welcome to the inaugural "friday five"!

01. "popular songs" by yo la tengo - i love when an album's cover art makes my heart go all fluttery, and a beautiful album cover like this one also serves as proof of that awesome new jersey/texas chemistry! yo la tengo done good when they picked an amazing sculpture from texas based artist dario robleto for their newest album, and the music's not half bad either, haha. almost all of these tracks are perfection on a cool rainy day, and my so-far-favorite is the 5th track, "periodically double or triple" which makes me want to shimmy dance with a cute boy in a dive bar somewhere.

02. the limited edition julie west chubby book - adorable name aside, check out the stats on these artist series books; 6"x6"and one & a 1/2 inch thick books packed with 10 artist designed postcards (one of which is a calendar), 100 lined pages & 150 blank sketchbook pages. julie west is one of my favorite artists of all time, to the point where my next tattoo is one of her pieces, and so i really can't wait to house all my thoughts, schemes, mix drafts and everything else for 2010 in this chubby book. julie's shop is sold out of them, but you can get them here, as well as some other places online.

03. jemaine & bret - seriously! how have i only just started watching "flight of the conchords" this past week? i know everyone loved jemaine in eagle vs. shark, but i'm a bret girl for sure, and now i am totally going to have to nerd out and check for him in lord of the rings as "elf escort" (or maybe not). i mean, how can you not fall in love with dudes when they do stuff like this in every episode? i'm only halfway through season one, but i die!

04. supayana - kerry's friend yana makes these amazing shirts by repurposing vintage & secondhand mens dress shirts into awesome ladies tops and sells them, and other cute pieces, on etsy! when i visited austin in june and kerry was doing most of my styling she threw me her "yana top" and a thick belt to go at waist level and i have to say i got a bunch of compliments! the tops are super comfy, super wearable, but still really interesting. and now, she is making these sweet shoelace necklaces that i can't wait to get my hands on, not to mention my need to own a "yana top" of my very own!

05. the romantics by galt niederhoffer - i absolutely adore this author's first book, a taxonomy of barnacles because it reminds me a little of a wes anderson style movie. so, when i saw she had a new book coming out it was hard to wait for it to come out in paperback, but it's here! i'm about halfway through and so far i like it a bunch. it seems less dense and quirky then taxonomy, but it's still enjoyable. i'll let you known how it turns out!

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